Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Because I'm thankful for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that we have a brand new car. Hollllaa!

Leon is thankful that I have such awesome friends like Brianna and Caitlin who take care of him when Joey and I go out of town. They even play with his favorite toy - a mouse on a string.

Thanks friends! And thanks to Caitlin for sending me this picture so I have one to put up on my blog as I write this (at work) and don't have to steal one off facebook, because that's not as cool.

So today I'm thankful for a lot of things (as previously mentioned,) but the ones that come to mind are the following (in no particular order):
1. Its Thursday, my favorite day of the week. (I love the anticipation that its almost the weekend)
2. I have really awesome coworkers who laugh at my lame jokes and are not only great dentists, but I can talk to them about patients and treatment when I have questions, or when people be drivin' me crazy.
3. Television.  
4. That I have really, really good parents. I don't mean to brag but, my parents are the bomb. They're both really intelligent and hard-working, AND they're fun and I like to call them on the phone and talk to them when we're far apart, but even more I like hanging out with them whenever I can. I will go on and on about this in another post on another day. Stay tuned.
5. Pandora, specifically my new "Every heartbeat" 80's station (for Throwback Thursdays in the doctors' room at my office. Sorry Mara.)
6. My awesome Grandma and sister, both named Elaine. I love them a lot... they are technically not the same person, but most people who know them would say they have a lot in common. They're lots of fun, and both really smart. Sometimes its intimidating and I don't know what they're talking about, but they don't make me feel dumb about it. Thanks Elaine and Grandma!
7. That we now have working air conditioning. I mean, for the love, this is essential in the 21st century.
8. Iced coffee from Au Bon Pain. I love when you can get it yourself because I like to blend the French Vanilla and French Roast Decaf about half and half, with a splash of regular French Roast at lunchtime. Delicous and doesn't make me shaky. My afternoon patients are thankful for that too. 
9. That my cat exclusively goes to the bathroom in his litter box. He is a good cat.
10. That one of my very best friends in the world, Haifa, had a healthy baby, Tala. She is so beautiful and I can't wait to see her. I think about them all the time.
11. That I have my Joey. I love him so much. He's so wonderful, so handsome, and my best friend. I love being with him all the time... even if we're just driving around car dancing... which we'll be doing a lot more of these days. He's such a conscientious clinician, and his patients are so lucky to have him. I'm really proud of how hard he's worked to be where he is in his perio program. I can't believe its his last year.
12. That we have an impending long weekend, what's up Labor Day!
13. We had a great summer. Lots of sun. Loved it.
14. Tom, my office manager, who fixes broken stuff and talks to my patients about how insurance works.

Alright then.. Happy Thursday everyone!

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