Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Tiny New Addition

Howdy y'all!!  Things have been a little crazy around here because, well - we've welcomed a new Laborde into our homes.

Our new puppy Rudy! And if you're wondering, why YES, I did get the idea to name him Rudy from our dear friends the Browns. See, I have always felt that if ever I was unsure in any situation, it was always best to do what my friend Emily did. And that logic never led me astray. And to clarify, and make a long story longer, they have a dog named Rudy.  Thanks Brownies! I hope you don't mind the blatant copying.

 And let me tell you, he is just one little ball or adorable happiness.

Why yes he IS a golden doodle, (miniature,) and my dreams HAVE come true! And yes we DID get him off Craigslist in a pseudo-rescue situation... which was my husband's stipulation for such a dog. And they're getting along just swell.

And if you're wondering how our Leon is doing with the new addition?

I'd give it a solid "eh."  But well, Leon is a cat, and if we did everything Leon wanted we'd live outside and eat bugs.

He'll come around in a few weeks. Until then they're more or less peacefully coexisting. Rudy is so precious and I'm so happy he's part of our family. Happy 4th of July everyone!