Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch Out Wednesday

because people, the Labordes have purchased a new vehicle.

That's right, we're grown-ups now.

So thus, we decided we should spruce up the car we have now and get ready to sell it to a nice new loving home. So off we were to buy some fabric for some ripped upholstery on the interior.

That's not weird, is it?

Well anyway, did you know that...

I didn't either! I wonder if this extends to "September is buy some foam based fabric and pretend its car upholstery and spray glue it down to bolster things on either side of the windshield."

Well, here's to hoping.
So then after going over budget at Jo Ann's, and what with the new car purchase and the lack of grocery shopping lately as we've been spending all of our time buying the new car...

We had to eat at Taco Bell.

Joey was obviously devastated... but at least our dinner was less than $7. We gave each other a high-five in our booth and enjoyed our tacos and Wild Cherry Pepsi's from the soda fountain. The sugar and caffiene in that sure helps with the overwhelming fear that we have a car payment now.

Happy Wednesday!

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