Monday, September 20, 2010


Is there anything more annoying than when you're really anxious, and someone who isn't in your position, and has never been, tells you to relax? Well, there probably is, but still. It just makes me annoyed, which adds to the overall feeling of anxiety.
But you know what calms me down? Cat videos like this one:

We all have our vices.

So I mentioned  that yesterday at the bridal shower I talked to someone about the application process for pediatric dental residency. It was really nice of her to answer my questions, and she's fun and normal, and went to a great program. That being said, it wakened the beast. The one that makes me want to check all of the student websites about who's hearing from which program, and it made me freak out that I'm not competitive and I won't get in anywhere. And thanks, friends and family, who love me and think its impossible that I won't get in somewhere, but trust me, its a possibility.
This morning I was in the shower trying to breathe in the good, breathe out the bad. I think I learned that in the one yoga class I attended in college. It sort of helped, albeit temporarily. On the T this morning I got so worked up I almost burst into tears. I mean, oh. my. god. Elizabeth, calm down. I told myself I have done the best I can do. I just don't know what's worse - the fear of rejection or actually being rejected.

Alright then, maybe I should stop this here, this post is taking a turn for the worse into crazytown... and well, that's a ride I should spare you all from. If you need me I'll probably be there for the rest of the day.

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