Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laborde Day Weekend

We decided that from now on, Labor Day Weekend shall be known as Laborde Day Weekend, at least at our house.

Anywho... supposedly we were supposed to be hit by Hurricane Earl... so Joey and I did what any conscientious people would do when deciding whether or not to go out to a bar to meet friends, and that is predict the hurricane's pattern based upon the swirl pattern on our cat. This is easy. First you just get the cat:

Then look at the swirl pattern on his fur as you stretch him out. By this method we were able to surmise that we would just get a little bit of rain, and that's it... so off we went.

What's that? Oh, of course it was accurate.

So then I got to see my friends Caitlin and Brianna for a drink...

And hang out with my own Joey. Sometimes we end up talking to each other a lot because we're shy, and think that other people feel like they have to talk to us. Well, maybe that's mostly me. I'm lucky I have a built-in friend in my life.

Then for the rest of the weekend we relaxed...

And got our old car ready to sell/Joey did all of the research and important parts. But it was MY suggestion to take pictures in front of the park so that it would look maximally classy. See, I contribute.  Anyone want to buy a car?

It was a great weekend... I guess I'm ready to go back to work now. No Tuesday's Teeth today on account of the holiday. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

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