Monday, May 3, 2010

There's no place like home

We just got back from Texas yesterday. It was so amazing to see everyone and give them hugs and catch up in person. I got to see my parents and my sister at home. It was Laner's bday weekend... Happy birthday little sister! We saw a lot of dental school friends at my parents house, then caught up with our Ft. Worth friends at Jeff and Jamie's wedding festivities. The wedding was so fun, and Jamie looked beautiful.  More pictures to come on that. When we got home Leon was so happy to see us (I think.) He was purring and meowing and extra cuddly.  For Leon there is no "Texas" or probably even our old apartment we lived in last year, I think he can only remember living here, in this apartment. Oh well, I'll spare you any further philosophical musings on whether that's sad or not, he is just a cat afterall. For now I have to make our coffee with our bottled water supply. Have a good Monday!

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