Thursday, June 30, 2011

We're Texans again y'all!

Hey y'all! Its my first blog post from Texas! And no I haven't changed the name of my blog because 1) it makes me sad, and 2) I'm lazy.
I also haven't been writing on the blog since I've been here, mostly for the same reasons. Also because we had the movers from hell and we couldn't leave Boston for the last minute and I started my program right after we got in two weeks ago. Moving is horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. And anyone that says any different is no friend of mine. They should hang out with the people that don't swear and smile constantly.
But we are here, and I have to say, its good to be back. One thing though people... the heat. Oh hellfire and damnation, the HEAT. Today it was one hundred degrees. ONE HUNDRED DEGREES. Its been about the same since we arrived. Aside from that though, its been good. We got to hang out with our friends the Todds (2 guys named Todd that are near and dear to us,) my good gal pal Ali, and we had dinner and drinks with our friends Sean and Haley last weekend. Its so good to see them all again. I can't explain it, but its like it makes my heart feel good to see our good friends that we haven't seen in awhile, and without the rush of a weekend home from Boston trying to see as many people as possible in 1-2 days.  I'm still missing my best gal-pal Haify, but hopefully I'll get to see her soon.
I love my program, my co-residents are great, non-gunner-ish well adjusted people. And funny enough every single person in my class is married, all 11 of us. And there are only 3 girls, which is sort of unusual for a pediatric dentistry program. The other two girls are awesome and thusly we band together against the testosterone. Seriously though, all of the guys are really great too. We're still mostly in orientation mode and starting to transition into the various hospitals and community clinics where we'll be working, so they're trying to go easy on us in the beginning. It seems like its going to be challenging, so I'm looking forward to it. I have to admit though, I'm a little intimidated about working at some sites because the patients there are very fragile. Thankfully we have wonderful attendings and experienced staff. The other day a patient I was working with in one of the hospitals started to cry. Usually I have a mental behavior management flowchart to follow for when that happens while I'm working with kids, but let me tell you, its different when its not a typical child. I sort of felt sorry for her when she came in because of her condition, and I froze when she got upset. My heart broke. I was like, God, doesn't she have to deal with enough crap and now she's scared in my chair. Thankfully the dental assistant was the bomb and talked her out of her worries and we finished up no problem. I have to get a handle on myself and not pity these patients. They don't need my pity, they need me to be their dentist. And that's about all I have to say about that.
 Anyway y'all, its good to be back on the blog. More to come on the move and our current events. I hope you're all having a great week.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On my mind this moving day

So today we're moving, one way or another. The movers are supposed to come between 12 and 4, so I'm trying to do really productive things like write blog posts and think about the most precious little babe I saw yesterday, my good friend Mara's newborn baby boy,  Harper Aaron. Words seriously can't express how perfect and beautiful he is. And how awesome is the name Harper Aaron? LOVE. Joey held him and it was so cute/funny because he'd never held a baby. I figured a hospital setting with a lot of supervision was a good place to start. Joey kept saying "whoa, this is fun," in a soft voice. And Mara is a natural. I would be like, "do you have his HEAD?!" and be anxiously hovering over everyone, but she was laid back and already a wonderful mom. No wonder he was such a content little guy. Seriously, I have to stop because I don't even have Mara's permission to be talking about her child. Sorry Mara, I can't help it!
Alrighty, on my mind this moving day...
*the "going in the car" pile seems to be getting a little ambitious
* if the movers don't show up we'll get a U-Haul trailer
* but I super hope they come because I've freaked all the freak I have already over this move...
* I hope we get the list of things done before the movers come
* so Joey needs to get back from his jog
* and I'm not much better writing blog posts when I should be randomly scurrying all over my apartment
* I love being home during the day on weekdays
* because I love watching Ellen at 9am, its my favorite
* speaking of that we have to somehow get rid of this TV
* I met a boy last night that had on $1200 jeans (not Harper)
* he was strange
* alrighty, I really do need to pack up
* I guess this is my last post from Boston, which is bittersweet
* I'll miss you Boston

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Um, can you say copycat?

I'm not necessarily accusing anyone just YET, but I mean, I think the beginning of her makeup blog sounds eerily familiar.

and WHAT about tinted moisturizer not lasting?! This saddens me, as someone who wears that under the impression she didn't need a lot on her face. I obviously need all of this makeup. I swear, I think I DO get more high maintenance everyday. And I'm going to name my looks too, like the "the grocery store," and "I'm a dentist."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're Back!

We're back from France and Spain and it was amazing. I love love loved it. I was hoping some of the culture would rub off on me but alas, here I am googling "how to do your eye make-up like a Kardashian." It also seems like we'll be in Boston a few more days since our movers aren't coming until Wednesday. We've already sold all of our furniture besides a dresser, desk, and end tables that we're moving to Texas, so its kind of a weird set-up in this heezy. We're back to hanging out on our blown up air mattress in the middle of our living room, which is oddly enough just how we started out here in Boston so I guess we've come full circle. Ah, such is life.
Anywho, I'll post some pictures of the trip soon.  Although it was fantastic to get away, it feels good to be back.