Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello lovelies

(I just want to warn you, this post might be incredibly boring if you don't love cardigans.)

Here they are holding hands.

This past weekend while Joey was out of town I felt I should take the opportunity to spend the day doing something Joey would never want to do.  I had to decide between either going to the Wrentham Outlets south of Boston where there is a JCrew outlet store, or go to the Burlington Mall north of the city that allegedly has a Chick-fil-a in it to get chicken nuggets.

After much deliberation, obviously I decided to get cardigans. I went this route mostly because I like shopping by myself, however, I do enjoy company while eating Chick-fil-a... it might be a little sad eating them alone in a mall food court. Not that it would stop me. But, when weighing the pros and cons of each possibility I thought I'd wait for Chick-fil-a and do that when Joey came back. Little does he know he has that to look forward to.

I happened upon the two above cardigans at the JCrew outlet, they were 25% off. It was such a blessed afternoon. I've already worn the green and blue one to work last Monday. I'm wearing the pink one, (YES its tie-dyed) on dress-down Friday.

I love them so much. There's nothing like a good cardigan to make my day.  I hope you have a blessed day too.

If I could

I would go home this weekend and see my mom and dad. I would go shopping with my mom at Movida in Mockingbird Station, I would have lunch at Bangkok City with Joey and then later get margaritas at Uncle Julio's.
Then I would go over to my friend Haifa's house and sit with her on her back patio by her pool and catch up, and play with Mina. Then Toni would come over and bring little Kate-ybug and it would be super fun. Maybe we could eat Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and drink lemonade while doing this.
Haifa and Toni and I would sit during lunch for the first two years of dental school and talk about everything. Our families, husbands/boyfriends, surviving school, and surviving annoying classmates. Joey ate with us too. He always asked if we were "eating with the girls today." It was the best therapy. This of course, was when I wasn't crying during lunchtime as silently as possible in the bathroom after a pre-clinical operative instruction from Dr. Mash. Its OK though Dr. Mash, I don't hold it against you, (though I doubt you care,) I was not very good at cutting the plastic teeth initially, and I deserved it. One time Haifa came looking for me and found me in there mid-cry session, and commended me on my ability to do with so little noise. That's what good friends do.
I miss you mucho Haify and Tones, my pals. I miss telling you everything and you guys still being my friend despite the fact that I'm a little (or a lot) bit crazy. Joey misses you too. I wish we could have lunch together today. I hope that you're having a good week.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Totally inspirational 80's workout music

So here's what it looks like when I try to do ab ripper x in my living room. Joining me is my cat, Leon, with his x-treme eyes. He's on Joey's mat whilst playing with a twist tie, his most favorite plaything. He's such a good workout pal. Not really, he's distracting and comes up to me and gets in my way, but then I can blame him for my shortcomings as I struggle through the video, so it works out for the best.
Right now doing P90X basically takes up every single weeknight... which doesn't so much cramp my style (as it does my muscles, ha!) since I don't do much on worknights anyhow. Please don't mind the cluttered coffee table in the foreground.
Joey and I get through ab ripper by listening to an inspired mix of mostly songs from the various Rocky movies. Yep, that's right.
I thought I would share our inspired mix with anyone who needs a little pick me up, whether it be your ride to work or maybe you too, need a little motivation for exercising. This is just in case anyone reads this besides my mom and grandma. And Mom and Grandma, you might like this too!

It is as follows:
1. Going the Distance - Bill Conti
2. Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti
3. Hearts On Fire - John Cafferty
4. The Final Countdown - Europe
5. Eye of the Tiger (of course)- Survivor

If we could we would have "You're the Best" by Joe "Bean" Esposito as seen in the inspiring Karate Kid, perhaps in place of #3, but well, you have to buy this whole album of inspiring songs on iTunes and I don't know if its worth it, I'm still thinking it over.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, March 26, 2010

See you SUNday!

This weekend Joey is going to see one of his oldest friends, Jeff, for his bachelor party in none other than...
Vegas of course. That's where all of these boys go for this sort of revelry.
Above is a picture of Joey and me with Jeff and his soon to be bride, Jamie, last year in the hot spot. There is also a funloving bartender photobombing us. Oh Vegas, you so craaazy.
We're so happy for Jeff and Jamie, they're so fun and such wonderful people. I can't wait for their wedding in just a few short weeks.  Joey has been friends with this group of guys since he was a wee tot, some of them since he was three or four years old. They're all a blast.
I'll miss you a lot Joe Joe, but have fun with the guys, and I'll see you on Sunday. Be careful and don't take any wooden nickels.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good day sunshine

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I'm in love and its a sunny day
-The Beatles

My Joseph and I went on a little "stay"-cation to Marblehead this weekend. Its only 18 miles north of the city, but it felt like we were a world away.

We stayed at the Harbor Light Inn, which was formerly two federalist mansions that are now connected to make a charming inn/bed and breakfast hybrid.

The inn is in historic Marblehead, a beautiful town with pastel colored houses that have plaques on them describing for whom they were originally built. A lot of Captain John so-and-so's had some great digs down by the water.

Naturally, there was sailboat decor a'plenty, which fits in perfectly with Joey's love of all things nautical. On the way to the water we happened upon this here shop with sailor supplies.

Inside they were playing the aforementioned Beatles tune, which I found wholeheartedly appropriate.

Then we headed toward Fort Sewall, which I didn't even realize was named after an actual person, I just thought it was because it was a wall by the sea. How fortunate to have such a fitting title.

Here's my best husband by the fort.

Here I am shortly before trying to follow Joey out onto the rocks in my flip flops. Of course I got stuck, awkwardly perched some cliff like hill, worried that if I moved one foot I'd fall, and well, it was in front of some older folks that you can see behind me.  Luckily Joey came back for me, and even laughed at my joke that I was "stuck between a rock and a hard place." A good husband should always laugh at his wife's jokes.

Here I am pretending to look out earnestly to the sea.

And my Joey with the fort in the background.

Well, enough of that. Soon enough it was time for happy hour. We found this bar, full of super friendly Marblehead folks. And I mean, of course, they're friendly, they live in this beautiful town, on this beautiful day.

Then we had some margaritas, which I haven't had in forever. Hit the spot, and was a sweet reminder of home.

Then we ventured over for dinner at the Landing, which was on the water. For lots of reasons, this is a weird picture of me, and the only one, because I was blocking this poor friendly man's car as we took it and I felt self conscious. 
At dinner we declared that we should feast upon lobster, and thus, we did. And it was fun and fabulous.

The next day we spent some time hanging around the inn.
Here is Joey reading one of the many books about Russia that were in our room. He's so worldly.

Here's the beautiful hallway that connects the two mansions.

Oh wait, what is that doorway there on the right?
Is that a little bar? Oh well hello bartender Joe!
I'll have a Sam Adams, please.

I was able to enjoy some of the terrific literature regarding a museum in France.

And keep up with current events.

And I even was able to play a bit of chess. Checkmate!

We spent the morning out on the town, and ventured over to Crocker Park. T'was a bit chillier, so fortunately we had this extra giant Patagonia of Joey's in our trunk.

We took in a little regatta. I would have cheered on a particular boat, but I couldn't tell them apart.
Gooo sailing!
Here we are, having fun.

Then it was time to head back to reality. We stopped in Swampscott for a lobster roll. Oh, what is that you see in the background?
Its our lil' city, Boston. The drive back was nice, and well, not very long. We hit up the grocery store and had time to straighten out the house a little bit. I'd recommend a stay-cation anytime.

What a great weekend, good day, sunshine.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where are you, sunshine?

This weekend it rained and rained and rained and rained. It is still raining. This of course, makes daylight savings harder to appreciate.  In any event, this past weekend, as in most cases - we narrowed down possible festivity to places to which we could drive and park easily, no small task in this small city. So, once again, we went to the suburbs. (my favorite!) I like to pretend this is always an accident or a circumstance of the weather, but mostly its a ploy to go to a certain Italian chain restaurant.
We wanted to see Shutter Island, and well, gosh darn-it if the movie theater closest to us has pain in the butt parking! And the one that's only half-way to the 'burbs, well, that dang-gum showtime was not ideal. Guess we'll have to drive out to Framingham!
Thusly, we went to the theater in Framingham, Massachusetts, and glory be - what restaurant shines from beneath the storm but the one that grows olives in a garden enriched with delicious salad dressing. 

And it was fantastic. Joey was somewhat sad about the dining venue, although he hid it pretty well.  The place was packed, so naturally we sat in the bar area. We had salad and soup and breadsticks, the trifecta of perfection.  Every time I go there it takes me back to when my best friend in high school, Emily, and I would go there. Takes me back... in a good way.  Maybe I'm feeling a little homesick lately, and nostalgic for my friends. I hope Emmy has an Olive Garden where she is. Miss you Em!

Then we saw Shutter Island, and it was pretty good. I love seeing a movie with the hubs. I especially like when the movies are set in/around Boston because it makes me feel like I have the inside information on the local references, even though I think most people could get them.  If Shutter Island really existed I would totally go there... I don't even know if these "harbor islands" that its supposed to be set in really exist, I'll have to investigate this further.

  Next weekend we're getting out of town and headed to Marblehead to a cute little inn, I'm excited.  I hope that you all have a great week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

X-treme pain

Joseph and I worked out to the X tonight, you know the one. I am not yet actually in pain, but as I am unable to move my limbs, I know what's coming.
 I want to actually do it for 90 days, not the usual 18-20 like I normally do... we'll see what happens. Watch out, I'm going to be ripped. Then of course, I'll get a spray tan. So much to look forward to.
 There are no pictures, because as it usually is, day 1 is very pathetic. I did not cry during Ab Ripper X, thus I consider my performance to be victorious, at least for the time being.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

Sundays are my favorite days. We sleep late, eat brunch (at home usually,) lounge around and recharge. Joey works on Saturdays so it makes the Sunday off much more appreciated. Since it was so beautiful today, we managed to get out of the house and out for a Sunday drive. I loooove a Sunday drive. We dropped off our dry cleaning at the only open dry cleaners (and thus the most expensive, I'm now afraid to pick it up, but hey - its out of the trunk finally,) got some frappacinos (YES!) and drove out to Wellesley so we could check out my old college and ogle the beautiful homes in the 'hood over there.
We even went to an open house...bonus!

Here I am in front of the old learnin' buildings.

and heading down to the lake, on the same steps from whence the processional processes for graduation,

see, I have school spirit (because that's a "W", not exasperation)

The lake was pretty icy down by the TZE house. Joey tried to make me go in and say hi to the girls, the new generation of Tizzies, but well, I was afraid of the Wellesley girls. Not much has changed since the good old days.

My Joseph at Tupelo Point. I would have taken a picture of the actual point but there was a child playing there and I didn't want to seem like a weirdo taking pictures of unknown children.

I always think I'll get so much done on the weekend, namely "Saturday." I say I'll do whatever it is I don't want to do at the time, on Saturday... then inevitably I won't do it, because well, I'm obviously avoiding it. That's what I do. But I don't worry about it on Sundays.

Annnnd we just booked our honeymoon. Hallelujah, this has been a good Sunday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because March comes in like a lion

Hello March! I hope you have some sunshine in your suitcase.

One more day

One more day
One more [night]
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

Oh weekend, I feel like we have a long distance relationship. I wish I had just one more day with you, perhaps I would get so much more done, be so much more rested. I would like to dedicate above Diamond Rio song to you. Take care of yourself, I'll be thinking about you all week.