Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Gifts

Yesterday after my first patient I came back to my desk to find presents... you know, just for no reason.
TOTALLY made my day.

On the left you'll see some socks with teeth on them from my bomb dig codentist Mara, on the right, a reusable Au Bon Pain coffee mug so that I can get coffee for a dollar, from our hygienest, Kathy.

Thank you girlfriends!

Oh wait, you want a close up of the socks? Here!

See how some teeth have cavities, so they're sad? HA! Love them. That was the best Monday I've had since I can remember. AND Leon made Monday's Pets On Furniture. I would hi-five myself but then it would just be me clapping.

In other news - Happy Birthday to another one of my good friends - Carolina!
Happy Birthday Carolina!
I hope that you have a great day and the sun is shining in Seattle!

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  1. I have to tell you that I laughed really hard at the "I'd hi-five myself but then I'd just be clapping."

    That was awesome.