Monday, February 8, 2010

Let me tell you something about my family

I think I'm going to feature some people of the week. This week they are my grandaddy, and my sister, Elaine.

This is a picture of me with my grandfather, Herbert Bundock, and my cousin Sarah Darah.  Yeah, I had a boy haircut. That's my bear, Goldy. As  you can see I'm trying to make him wear a headband and Grandaddy was helping me out. Sarah isn't sure it's going to work.
So yes, we called him Grandaddy, and he was the bomb dig.  He was born in a cellar, not a basement. If you don't have either, I realize its difficult to appreciate the difference. He grew up extremely poor in the Great Depression, and was the only one of his brothers and sisters to live through it.  He wasn't lacking tenacity though, and he was dedicated to education. He worked his way through law school.  He said that he wanted to be a doctor, but you can't take time off of medical school to work.  He later went on to become a successful public defender and run for senate for the state of Connecticut.  He was so brave and he never gave up. He married my grandma, Elaine, who is equally amazing. They had six children and sent them all to private Catholic school and to college.  Because of my grandparents' hard work, their kids had great opportunities.  Then because their children were encouraged to make the most out of those opportunities, I had a wonderful life, and I will never have to overcome the obstacles that he cleared.  What my grandfather accomplished set the standard for our family - work hard, keep going, don't give up, and family is the most important part of your life. I think about him, along with my grandma, everyday.  Sometimes when I'm having the crappiest of craptastic days and I want to give up and pretend I have a broken foot and go home, I think of him, and I just try to do my best. I hope that he would be proud of me.  So let me tell you something about my family: they're wonderful.

This is my mom, Mary, and my sister, Laner Daner. (Sometimes we call people in our family a derivative of their first name followed by a "D" preceding the corresponding rhyming word, thanks Dad!) This is back when Elaine got upset when she realized other people's birthday parties weren't actually her birthday party. This happened usually at cake and presents time. One time she refused to relinquish a Fraggle Rock purse at a McDonald's birthday party. True story.  Anywho, Laner is my lil' sister, and she would make Grandaddy proud. She takes after both of our grandparents. She is so smart, focused, and determined, and has accomplished so much in her life. I'm so proud of her. Way to go Laney, high-five.
Here is a blurry picture of us having fun.  Have a great week Laner, you've probably found a way to work from home if you're snowed in.


  1. Thanks Lizzard! I needed some uplifting inspiring family stories to remind me not to take myself and (mostly work) too seriously. I miss you and love you. Hope we can all be in the same state again soon!
    PS- the Girl Scout uniform and SaraLee cake is really fantastic. There is no wondering where we get all this 'character'. Was that in Michigan?

  2. Nice post, Liz! Our family is awesome, like this blog. Grandaddy would be extremely proud of you.
    Love you much,
    Sarah Darah

  3. thanks Sarah Darah! That was in Michigan Laner. Bring back any memories?