Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitchen inspiration

I was just reading Diana's blog over at Hormonal Imbalances, and she was talking about sticking to a grocery budget and planning meals for the week. I'm inspired, especially by her meal list for the week. Last night not only did I go to the grocery store for extra stuff that I forgot to get on Sunday, but I got extra extra stuff, including Twizzler Pull-and-Peels and chips that we ate until we weren't hungry for dinner, and I found my husband eating a twizzler for breakfast this morning. (Well, I would have too but I ran out of time and forgot to grab one on my way out. Those are GOOD.) To top it off, our dinner was a ready to cook fish number from the seafood counter, and it was pretty gross and we each took a bite and threw the rest away. Good thing we were full of Twizzlers and chips.
I just have a really hard time making dinner at the end of the day. I know its no excuse, but well, I don't have a better one. I need new recipes or something.
Well, in other news - I'm applying to two more programs, and I hope to get that stuff out by today and tomorrow. I don't really care if its crazy or not - I'm just doing it.
Alright then, have a great Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I know! I told Diana she totally inspired me, too. Now. . .I've got to come up with a menu and stick to it. And, those pull and peel Twizzlers are absolutely amazing.