Sunday, September 12, 2010


I refuse to be too old and dumb to know how to use twitter, but at the same time, I don't know how to use twitter.
Why are there # signs? What exactly am I supposed to be tweeting? Is it just like fb status updates? Then some people, like the kardashians, for example, tweeting pictures all the time. Am I supposed to do that?
And is asking all these questions indicative that I'm too old and dumb to use twitter?
What is with all of the shorthand? Will younger generations know how to spell?
I don't know, I need a glass of wine.
OK, got one.
I used to love fb, but my status updates seemed to indicate that I hate my job... whereas now I just post on my blog where I think (/hope) it puts everything into a more comprehensive context, because I love my jobs. This is just so. much. internet. Is it too much? 
I think the twitter thing might be better if I had an iphone, because it seems like something you do on the go, am I wrong?

Alrighty then. Joey and I are watching the Cowboys vs Redskins. I should probably try to follow it so that I have something to talk to my patients about. Except they'll want to talk about the Patriots. Dang it.

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