Monday, September 13, 2010

Divine Providence

We had such a fun weekend. On Friday Joey came to pick me up at work - and we went to Cuchi Cuchi. I'm usually reluctant to go there because well, the past two times we've gone we've been pseudo kicked out for staying too long. Initially we tried to go to Craigie's on Main, and after we saw we'd have to wait to sit at the bar, we bounced out and went to Cuchi Cuchi by default. Well, apparently, we just need to sit at the bar, and our previous problems are solved. The bartender made Joey a special drink, and I had some cocktails from the menu. These things are amazing. Usually I'm half in the bag after the first one, which only encourages me to order more.  Then before I knew it I was lip synching to songs I didn't know and it was time to get the check.

 Afterwards we decided to get ice cream at JP Licks, our favorite... and I felt like, so cool that we went out and did multiple things... then I looked at my watch, and it was 8:47 pm. Most people weren't even out on the town yet... people were probably still taking their pre-going out naps, or whatever it is they do to stay out so late. Oh well, we were in bed by 10, which I mean please, is a blessing as far as I'm concerned.

Saturday I picked up Joey from work and we decided to go to Providence for dinner. We wanted to take a long(ish) drive in our new ride, and I'm trying to be spontaneous, so I brought a bag of clothes for Joey and proposed the idea. This is the kind of thing where I would look at Joey as if he was nuts if he asked if I wanted to go to Providence after a long week, then a long Saturday of working, but Joey is always down for a good time and something new, and so we went.

We had dinner at the Old Canteen. I loved it... the waitstaff was really nice, you don't always get that in Boston (see above.) The inside has not been redecorated since the late 50's, which I also loved.
Here we are - don't mind that I look uptight. I always want our picture taken, then when the waitress takes it I get self-conscious.

 Sunday we had a fun day of window shopping on Newbury. Joey tried on coats at Barbour, his favorite Newbury St. pasttime, and I sat in their comfortable chairs. Delightful! Then we managed to declutter our house a little bit, which is a small miracle.  Having our new car means we want to take it everywhere, which leads to fun weekends. Now that's a good purchase, I say!

and last but not least - Happy Birthday to my dear friend Toni!

Toni is on the far right.

I miss you a lot lady friend! I'm thinking of you today and I hope your birthday is great. Lots and lots of love.

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