Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lap of luxury

yes I let him lay on that bag sometimes. He's helping me change the handle colors so I look more legit when I carry it.
I don't want to move my Leon to Texas. I'm going to miss his sweet little face and how sometimes he lets me pet him but mostly just Joey only because for some reason he loves him more.
I love my cat.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yet another reason to avoid the employee lounge.

Now I'm no rocket surgeon, but I think menagerie of high voltage appliances is a recipe for disaster.

Bonus for the uncovered electrical outlet with exposed wires.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Caution: Will Bite

our vets probably won't miss Leon.
we took the liberty of documenting this while the vet took Leon "in the back" to get his nails did.

He didn't love it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Faves

I know its Saturday now... I started this yesterday at my office and then the day got away from me, so I'm posting it now.

ANYwho, I thought I'd recap some things I've seen this week that I've liked while out and about or in the office or on the interwebs.
So, lets get right to it, shall we?

1. This dress from anthopologie:
I love love love it. 

2. The fact that I finally seated this devil crown that has evaded final cementation for months now. That's right, its taken me MONTHS to seat one crown.  This is why dentists go insane. But its all done!

3. Thusly I celebrated my favorite way:  buying myself a new lipgloss. And OH, this is the best one ever!
I don't know why this is sideways, and no, I'm not able to adjust pictures on my own blog.  And it looks like this:
I didn't show you the rest of my face for your own protection. Fridays are a tough day for my face. I believe it to be mostly a paleness issue.
4. Just making the train. I saw the T from about 100 yards away this morning and I started running, through the snow and slush, and I made it! Last time I started running and it pulled away... which is sad, and kind of embarrassing because there were a lot of people on it and they could probably see me. But today I when I realized I was going to make it I was so happy. 

To be honest, I was wearing a much cheerier color earlier this week but I was so worried the aforementioned crown wouldn't fit this poor patient's tooth AGAIN, and I knew it would make my day worse if I had a happy color on, so I changed it the night before. Go ahead and think that's crazy, that's fine. I'm glad you don't know that flavor of dread. 

6. Nexxus hair care products. Oh my word, this shampoo is awesome, and the conditioner is even better.

This is Nexxus Diametress, and the volume I get from this is really good. I already have pretty thick hair that can get out of control, but this gives me the good volume I want, like at the crown of the head, without the crazy poofy-ness.
And this conditioner:

Nexxus Pro-Mend, is magical. The ends of my hair look so great since I started using it. I'm having a particularly good hair day despite the SNOW today, and I have to thank this new combo for that.

7. This multiple layered necklace and bracelet look as seen on coco+kelley.

 I wish I was cool enough to pull this off. I'll probably still try, but just get the jewelery from forever 21 instead of wherever this came from.

8. These business cards:

What a cute idea! I may have to make similar ones... I love these.

So those are my Friday Faves! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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