Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And Sold!

To the man from New Hampshire with a flat bed trailer!

That's right... my husband successfully sold our car in just under 24h. I mean, who could say no to this face?

Oh navy blue Audi, I will miss you.  As a hand-me-up from my very glamorous cousin Sarah, I was so excited to hear that you would be our car in Boston. I think I squealed at the prospect of driving such a fancy car. An AUDI! That's German engineering!
 We had our ups and downs, as you're a manual transmission, (or should I say jolts and stalls, ha!) and it took me a long, long time to commit to driving you. I'll never forget when I had to go to a job interview in Worcester all by myself, and drive alone for the first time... then on the way back I missed the exit for the Mass Pike and thought taking Rte 9 back to Boston would be the same. Super not the same. We stalled at every single red light on the way back to Boston... I would approach every intersection and chant "stay green, stay green, stay green." and try not to tear up as the light changed... everyone honked at me, there was some yelling (and I may or may not have stuck my middle through the sunroof a few times, sorry Grandma,) but after that, I had it. And now our new car is a manual transmission... I'm a changed woman!
I will miss you little car. Enjoy your new home.
And now, the Audi through photo memories:

Our first winter in Boston 2008.

Scrub a Dubbing Spring 2010...

doing the interior ourselves.

Marblehead Staycation Spring 2010.

OK maybe we don't have that many pictures of fun memories with the car... but I'll remember them anyway. Goodnight little car, and good-bye.


  1. wow! y'all sold that fast! what's the new car?

  2. a subaru outback, I love it! and seriously, we're still kind of reeling from how fast we sold the other car.