Monday, February 28, 2011

So long Februweary

This was the view outside my window yesterday as more snow fell. Back to square one in the snow department. Oh well, at least it was Sunday and we got to spend the day indoors.

I for one, and am so glad this month is over. If I can make it to 5 o'clock without too much drama I'll consider it a success. That means I want this crown to seat on one patient, and for another patient that I just finished a procedure for to actually get up and leave the office because he's annoying the crap out of me, and for the office manager to say its OK that I go to Arizona later this month... even though I don't know if we can afford the trip, let alone the time off work.
Alright, well, sorry for the outburst. I don't even know why exactly we'd be going to Arizona. Some conference that Joey gets to go to because he's the "lead resident of his director's choosing." Go Joey!
And so long Februweary... wish I could say its been swell. Here's to March! As in March along to graduation because we're almost there.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bits of our weekend

We had a great weekend, and I think I'm finally coming out of my funk.

Friday night Joey picked me up from work and we went to Drink in South Boston.

The drinks were good, as usual, and even though they almost forgot my fries, I forgave them. Then when we left there was a line outside which made us feel important for being at such a cool place. Bigger plus that I didn't fall down any steps after leaving this time.

Saturday I picked up Joey from work and we went to Big Papi's Grille in Framingham. It used to be a place called Desmond O'Malleys, an Irish pub, where I worked in college. I love getting nostalgic... and well, it wasn't even disppointing that it wasn't good, because D. O's wasn't either. Just like old times.

I wanted to see the King's Speech, because I thought we could use a little inspiration in the Laborde house. It was alright. I did love how much the Duchess of York loved her husband in her restrained British way.  I'd like to think that I'm like that... but I'm not. I'm more of a yeller and a complainer... in like a "YOU'RE TAKING UP THE WHOLE COUCH!" kind of way while making Joey watch the Young and the Restless on Tivo. But maybe if people called me "Your Royal Highness," things would be different.

Sunday we did little things around the house, and went to dinner at Orinoco sort of last minute. Sometimes we go there and its so terrific, and sometimes less so. Its pretty reasonably priced, relatively healthy, and right by our house, so we gave it another go... and it was reallllly good. I'm so glad we went. If we don't get out of the house we get cabin fever and whoa, welcome to crankytown. (See above's reference to my territorial-ness over the couch.)
Joey always gets this salad, and it is good.

The inside has this cute, really big table that I always hope they won't ask us to sit at with strangers. Because hello, no thank you.

But I really like the teal.

Anyway, yesterday we took a day trip up to Mount Sunapee to ski. I loved it. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a really small mountain compared some of the ones I've skied in Colorado. I mean please, I'm used to skiing out West. I've been to Colorado like, FOUR times, obviously I have hard-to-please, high expectations. Anyway, I loved Sunapee. The runs were so beautiful. It felt great to be outside in fresh air and moving these bones.

It was really super fun. Super freezing, but super fun. And yes, we have new ski helmets! That's right, watch our world, I'm fearless now.  K, totally not true. I'm still a timid skiier and I get scared everytime I hear people coming up behind me to pass, which is a lot, but oh well. Next time we go on a longer trip I'm going to go to ski school again, and I'm looking forward to getting better each time. Someday I'm going to beat those 3-year-olds to the bottom.

All in all I had a great long weekend with my Joe Joe. I hope everyone else had a good President's Day too.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Look, I realize that I only post videos of cats and pretend that I'm blogging, but well, I don't have a great excuse. Lately I've been coming home exhausted, like, can't move off the couch before I plod off to bed in some single digit hour. I think it may be related to eating Big Macs and frozen pizza and chinese food and not exercising at all. But I mean, how am I supposed to get started when I'm sooooo tired all the time? Like, so tired. And I don't even have children or mono.Hopefully this weekend I'll catch up. Lord, I feel like I'm just living for the weekends these days. I don't want to be like that. This is a sad state of affairs, and frankly, quite boring. What's more boring than someone complaining about how tired they are? So anyway, that's my life. That and cat videos. Happy Friday!

And you know what's funny is how much practice it must have taken to get this down, and the cat still does it. He must like it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wishing and hoping

I don't want to wish my life away, but I want it to be June. I don't want to do anymore post and cores, I want to start my residency, and I want to be warm. I want to see my parents and my friends in Texas. I want Joey to get a great job and love being a real periodontist without all of the stresses of his residency.

What I SHOULD do is try to enjoy my remaining time in Boston because I'm going to miss my friends/coworkers like crazy.

I can't help it though.

Monday's Cats

obviously now we need to get a metronome

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday, from David Lynch

Last night Joey told me that David Lynch's favorite song is "Song of the Siren" by the Cocteau Twins.

How cool must David Lynch be in person? Well, given my nature to getting obsessed with people I don't know at all based on attributes that I ascribe to them that they may or may not possess, we listened to the Cocteau Twins last night and now I'm obsessed.
Technically this isn't the Cocteau Twins, its This Mortal Coil... a "dream pop super group" that featured a lot of rotating members., and its actually a cover of a Tim Buckley's original. Well, that was probably more than you wanted to know.
Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On my mind this Thursday morning

* I love my new iPhone
* I'm glad I got to work before it started snowing more
* I don't mind the snowfall itself, its more so the mounds of plowed snow that make it difficult to walk  and make our streets even more narrow
* I want to switch my blog over to wordpress, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep this blog when we move so I'm not sure its worth it
* Please baby jesus let this crown seat this afternoon
* I don't know how I can be so needy for a day off when its been a great week, and I only had a half-day yesterday
* Its probably just the excitement of this week was a little draining, but in the best kind of way
* Well, I have jury duty next week, maybe that will be like a day off
* Some of my new coresidents are now my friends on facebook, which makes me very excited!
* Hopefully they don't think I'm a giant dork because of my facebook
* Or maybe it would be worse if they were offended by my many status updates
* Well, hmmm
* I miss Joey, I wonder what he's doing right now
* Jo is my assistant today, and she's one of my most favorites, yay
* Which pandora station should be listen to today?
* Please baby jesus, again, hear me about that crown seating
* I can't wait to be a pediatric dentist
* But moreso I can't wait to start at Baylor, I can't believe I got into a program like that
* I wonder if we'll get a new DVD player today
* How come all of our DVD players break? We've been through about 3 of them in as many years
* But I GOTS to do my P90, I miss Tony Horton
*How come people want to say things like: "oh, well, its 79 degrees here and sunny." Do you think that makes me like you? or jealous? Yeah I want it to be warmer, but I don't want to live in Florida.
* Hip hip hooray for Thursday, my favorite day of the week

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why yes

I WILL take some cheese with my whine. What a dumb question. The answer to if I want cheese is always yes. And I'll also take some wine wine.

There's not a lot of whining around here though, because HELLO, MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!

So in other news, I had a half day today because the invariable road treachery associated with our most recent winter storm. We were to report to work at noon, which apparently meant "we'll tell you to come at noon, then remember we have a dental department in that other building and send someone down to unlock it by 12:32 pm."

And lastly, everytime I look over at my cat he appears to be more tired. That's saying a lot. What can I say, we're overachievers over here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're going to the Big D and I do mean Dallas!

I found out yesterday that I matched at Baylor!

I was really happy... and its funny, because I thought my first emotion would be elation, but it was more like extreme relief. I got this email and I almost started crying. I was at work, so I didn't, because that would be weird. But I did put my hand over my mouth and I teared up a bit.
Baylor was my first choice, and I'll have the chance to work with amazing faculty and coresidents. Its such an amazing progam, and I can't believe I matched there.

I have waited so long for this day to be here! One of my friends, Julie, probably felt the same way, since I always pestered her with questions, even before PASS (the application system,) opened in May. She went to Baylor with me and then went to Houston for pediatric residency... and she's just one of those get-er done kind of people. Really efficient, great dentist, awesome friend.

She answered question after question, talked to me on the phone and via tons of texts. Julie, you are the bomb friend. Thank you for all that you did to help me though this, it means more than you know.

There is no picture of Julie and me without Ali in it, its amazing. I cropped the one on the right because I mean, I love Ali, but this is about Julie. Then I noticed she's in the one on the left. Hi Ali!

Also, my classmate Jon helped me a LOT with my Baylor interview, and it really put me at ease. Thanks so much Jon... I'm proud to be your coresident next year.

And I mean obviously, I wouldn't be here without Joe Joe, the best person I know.

Now I'm getting very sentimental and I want to thank EVERYONE because I mean, honestly, everyone around me is so supportive and wonderful. My coworkers who picked up the slack while I was interviewing, and were still like, nice to me about it, and my parents and Grandma who prayed for me.