Monday, April 26, 2010

I can't help it

Right now I really want a Big Mac meal. Its only 10:07 am.

The cheesy-ness, the meaty-ness, and the secret thousand island dresssing sauce. Tiny onion bits and pickles and ketchup! Oh mercy. If I could eat this and not get fat I would. I absolutely would, and I wouldn't feel bad about it.
I actually had this very meal two weeks ago while Joey was at work. I drove 20 minutes to the nearest McDonald's and ate it in my car and listened to Justin Bieber. It was glorious. There, the secret is out.
But I can't eat this because I do get fat. And that would be fine but now it isn't winter and people can sort of see what shape I am, and I'm vain. I am getting back totally on the P90X wagon tonight, and I'm kind of scared but kind of relieved. Without Tony in my life I have no discipline, I need his help, even though he's just in video form.  I haven't done a full week of it in 2 weeks. Before I fell off the wagon I went down about 2 dress sizes and quickly bought dresses in my new size before I could change back to my old ways. Now I'm supposed to wear those this week and I'm afraid to check in with them. I'm hoping those magical Spanx underwears will help me... now I just have to pick up some of those. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Dammit, I want that. But since I know have a 7 month old I'm pretty sure I can't use the excuse "I just had a baby" anymore.

    Also, I hate spanx, they make me look like a lumpy pear.

  2. you can totally still use that excuse Joanna! and besides you look great. interesting to note about the spanx. and crap, because that was my back-up plan.

  3. That's impressive, two dress sizes?! Looking forward to reading how the PX90 training goes...I've always been curious about this program after watching it on tv. Good luck!