Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunny days are here again

Its spring outside my window! I love spring here in Boston. Its sunny and it smells really good. I don't even mind the rain so much because it makes everything so green. As long as it doesn't get out of control.
When I first transferred to college up here in the fall of 2001 I was really homesick. I only had one friend at first, Sasha, we met on our third day of transfer student orientation. Before that I literally didn't leave my dorm room and my roommate hadn't arrived at school yet, because transfers started earlier. I just sat in there and ate only scones that my mom bought me at Stop and Shop before she had to go back home. (I'd never even eaten a scone before in my life. I thought they were muffins when were at the store.) Then school started and I didn't have any classes with my one friend. I was used to working hard and doing well in school, but I was working harder than I'd ever worked and I was failing one of my classes (and doing mediocre to poor in the rest of them.) I just couldn't get my head above water. I had the class I was failing 4 days a week, right before lunch. I would come back to my dorm room afterwards and cry because I wanted to go home. I wanted to go back to Texas and see my parents, and back to my old school where I had friends. I couldn't remember why I wanted to transfer in the first place.  I guess it was a low point for me. To make matters worse, my first roommate kept reminding me that she went to Exeter and unplugging my stuff because she was worried about the fire hazard. Mercifully I got to get a new roommate before long, but that's a whole other story. Sometimes I would think about how far away I was from home during class and I would start crying. My new roommate, Megan, taught me this trick to keep it under wraps - you put a pen or pencil horizontally between your teeth and clench down on it. It worked kinda okay, but then I just had a pen in my mouth and watery eyes. (No wonder I had a hard time making friends.) I felt alone and I made my parents spend all this money to send me to this school and I felt like I'd made a big mistake. Then somehow I kept plugging - well, mostly because my mom said that she and my dad had paid for the semester, so I had to stick it out until after Christmas. So I stuck it out. And my mom stuck out daily lunchtime phone calls, comforting me that I would be okay.
And I was okay. Sasha and I would run to get chicken fingers late night style on campus, and we made friends with her new roommate, Carolina. (Sasha's original roommate was kind of special too.) Then before I knew it I'd passed my class (hallelujah!) and it was spring semester. I had more time to see my grandma on the weekends and my aunts in uncles - all of whom gave me a lot of support and love. I was over the hump. I stayed, and I made new friends, Caitlin and Brianna, and the snow melted, and it was spring, and it was the best feeling. I felt like I'd made it. Then I got the hang of it and I ended up loving it. I cried my eyes out on the last day of school, and I like going back to visit.(Like, every Sunday by accident.)
So I love springtime in Boston. I'm so glad its here.  It always makes me feel like I've made it all over again... even though the those days feel like a lifetime ago.  I didn't mean for that to get so long and drawn out, I just super love this time of year here.  I've said it before that I'm not sure what our plans are for this time next year when Joey graduates, but I like being here and reliving old memories and making our own new ones. Its not like things are perfect and some days I think I'm going to lose my mind. But I guess I have to say, right now life is pretty good.


  1. spring in boston does have an uncanny way of making you forget that you've ever been unhappy here before. it also always brings me back to the stress relief i felt at wells every spring, and how much fun i always had with my wells girls... le sigh. i think i can speak for sasha, carolina and cleave too when i say that we're really glad you made it through that first semester and stayed at wells- life would be much less enjoyable if we didn't know you. xoxox, b

  2. Oh how I had some of those days in college and I was only 3 hours away in Austin.

    So glad you are enjoying your Springtime in Boston :)