Friday, May 14, 2010

Alright, I'm better

good, that's better for everyone. I guess I just had to make it a big public show that I sometimes have morning pre-work anxiety in order to feel better. Small price to pay, I say.

and I mean, I don't mean to brag - but who can be anxious when they have as cute of a husband as I have?

last night he helped me make dinner - chicken fajitas. they turned out just alright because well, I forgot some key ingredients, but he still ate it. I'm afraid of cooking things in the pan for some reason, mostly because the hot oil jumps everywhere and I'm a baby. so I chopped all the vegetables and stuff and seasoned the chicken, and he pan-cooked (or whatever you call it) the chicken.

I like doing regular stuff with my husband. Sometimes we go to the grocery store and lip-sync to the grocery store music and dance in the aisles. Not "full-out" though, we have to save that for da club.

Joey and I used to go to school together and sit next to each other all day. Not because of weird overcloseness but because we were assigned to sit next to each other in alphabetical order. Last year was our first year out of school and it was hard to get used to being away from him. Just like everyone else we have our ups and downs and stresses, but I know I'm so lucky to have snagged this one.
Thanks alphabetical order!
I miss him during the day still but I realize it would be weird to try to continue the constant togetherness into our careers.  I'd probably like it though.


  1. I'm glad your better!!! Sometimes blog venting is great!

    You guys are one adorable couple!

  2. Joanna thanks for commenting on my blog, you're great.