Friday, May 14, 2010


I don't know what's wrong with me today.
I don't want to work and I want to go home.
Everything is looking up and life is good. The weather is generally better, work is good, and we just renewed our lease to stay in our awesome apartment with the best landlord we could ask for. 
I think I'm trying to have anxiety.
This morning I left my house too late but somehow I made the train and get to work on time. I even got a seat on the train and had a nice relaxing ride, drinking my coffee. Well, it should have been relaxing but I spent most of the time worrying about "what if" someone gets on the train who really deserves this seat more than I do because its close the door and maybe I shouldn't be sitting here. (For the love!)

Today I don't have any complicated procedures and it looks like the day will be a nice rolling pace. All of the patients on my schedule I either don't know or like a lot, I don't have any of the patients I dread seeing, and its Friday.
What is wrong with me?!
As I pushed the button to the elevator this morning when I got to work I was like, okay, I can either be happy today or I can be all cranky and weird. I will be happy. But I can't be happy because for some reason I'm really tired despite getting plenty of sleep and I'm anxious about something, but I don't know what.
I kind of want to go back to Texas and not tell anyone except my parents and go upstairs to my old room and sleep in my bed by myself. What a weirdo.
I hope this phase doesn't last through the morning.

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