Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What if

Sometimes I watch movies on TV (like everyday) and I'll want whatever job the girl in the movie has, even if she hates it and seems miserable. My latest one is Andy in the Devil Wears Prada. Most especially after she gets her makeover.
First she's sad because Emily and Giselle make fun of her. (Well, Giselle is a pain in the bum in real life, so who cares what she thinks.) And I can't take Emily seriously with that bad hair color.

But then she gets to go in the sample closet and somehow it isn't considered stealing that she takes all of those designer clothes to wear. (Obviously that's true to life and how it is in other fields besides the health professions.) Its even facilitated by her new gay best-friend/mentor figure! Oh the jealousy I feel.

and she looks so good, and her job is to basically get coffee and take a little abuse.


So what if her boss calls her On-dreya instead of Andy?
My entire office mispronounced my name for several months despite my best efforts, and I was OK with it.
So then I want my job to be that I get coffee and take a little abuse. I can handle it.
Searing hot Starbucks you say? Yes ma'am!

But then I remind myself that I graduated from 20th grade so that I can be a dentist, so I better freaking get over it and love it.

And I do love what I do, I work in great offices with the best coworkers... but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to do someone else's job for one day. Not that I think other peoples' jobs are harder or easier, but just different. And of course I imagine it must be more glamorous. Maybe I'll wear lipgloss to work tomorrow to spice things up a bit - that'll have to do for now.

My Mothers' Day post has to be even more belated because I didn't have it together with the pictures. But I do love my mom, she is the bomb. More on that to come.


  1. My name is really hard to pronounce, i mean its in spanish... I'm used to people not getting it right!

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