Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

Good tidings and happy new year to all.

If you're as lucky as I am, you used up all your bad karma from 2010 at approximately 10:13 pm by falling head first down the steps at the South Station T Terminal. Whew, glad I got that out of the way. No, I was not inebriated. Not enough anyway. Fortunately my rough and tumble strength skinny jeans and boots protected me from most of the damage, and now I have this photo which can also serve to document my injuries and serve as a "before" picture for my workout pictures!

Here we are at Drink beforehand:

It was fun. Anyway, I'm pulling the cart before the horse here.  We started out our evening with an early-bird special dinner at Sportello in South Boston at 5:30 pm. Per the waiter's recommendation we had the roasted cauliflower appetizer which was fantastic, followed by somewhat lackluster tagliatelle and lamb entrees.  It was alright, but I'm not eager to go back. It was sort of one of those places where I didn't feel cool enough to be there, and well, I don't like that feeling when I'm paying $22 for pasta.
In any event, the early hour made it a cinch to secure seats at the bar at Drink shortly thereafter, and we enjoyed an assortment of spirits, our favorites were the mamie taylor and the french 75. Delicious! Joey had some kind of scotch drink that smelled just like anatomy lab. His hand even smelled like formaldehyde from holding the glass. It was incredible, and brought back many memories of the basement at BCD from approx 2004. Anywho, we made some friends with the people sitting next to us and they took the above picture. They were from Spain. Gracias amigos nuevos!
We reached the point where I felt more alcohol would be regrettable, and thus we left to attend the First Night festivities on the Boston Common, and upon embarking on the next leg of our journey into 2011, I promptly fell down the stairs, bruising my thighs, shins, and ego. I probably should have had just one more drink. Joey yelled "OH MY GOD ELIZABETH!" As I reached the bottom of the steps, and some woman ran up to me and tried to help me up, and said "YOUR PURSE, DON'T FORGET IT!" really loud, because I think she thought I was wasted. I must reiterate, I was not. I was however, in full on nervous uncontrollable laughter mode, which didn't help my case. I imagine I looked like a sled without a child on it sliding down the concrete. Fortunately I'd had just enough alcohol to allow for me to pop back up and think it was funny, that is, before the horror of humilitation set in.
We arrived at First Night, and milled around aimlessly with the rest of the public. I don't know... did I miss the part that is supposed to make it worth it? Was there some kind of attraction? I just saw a lot of people walking around in the dark with light-up swords.  Yes, I did see the band... from a distance, right before we left because at that point I decided the rest of the night would best be spent from the safety of our own couch.
We rung in the New Year with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest, and I woke up Joey so we could clink our champagne glasses as the clock struck midnight. All in all, it was a memorable  (and perhaps last) New Year's Eve in Boston.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I was giggling at the picture you painted, but also wincing. Glad you're ok. And you're so called "before" pic? Um. Yeah. That's my goal "after" pic. So.


  2. oh trust me Diana, there was a lot of creative camera angling in that shot!