Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alrighty then

This week is officially dragging. Drraaaggginnnng. Weekend please.This is the line where I usually pretend I hate to complain, but I don't, and well, I don't have the energy for charades.
This weekend will probably feel slow too, since Monday is Match Day, when the magic hat decides my future. Gooo magic hat! I am seriously excited though. I love planning and knowing like, major life things, like where we'll live... so I can plan on where we'll live. Surprisingly, I didn't feel that crazed after all of my interviews. I knew that it would be a long wait until January 31st, so, it would just be best for everyone if I sat tight. I didn't even feel that antsy after the rank lists were due two weeks ago. Until of course, the morning afterwards, when I was obsessed with the possibility I may have entered something wrong or not clicked a critical clicky thing on the screen. Well, I'm past all of that patience now. And in an unrelated note, I'm totally eating donuts for lunch.
Is it Monday yet?
UPDATE: I had donuts for lunch. I am now regretting it. I would say never again, but it will probably just be awhile.

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