Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

and its especially happy today since I found the yellow anthropologie dress on ebay and its already on its way! I love the internet.
I've spent the day so far drinking coffee and watching movies on HBO while half-heartedly cleaning... but I am about to dust the life out of the office area of our apartment. I love the way a room looks after its dusted.... and for that reason you'd think I'd do it more often, but hey, what can I say - I like dramatic results. I've also completed my first new year's resolution, (I like the kind that you can check off and complete, versus ones you have to sustain... way more satisfying,) which was to eat the lemon meringue pie my grandma sent home with us after Christmas before January 1st. Done!
My other resolutions include a continued committment to good hair care and skin moisturization... and well, a couple of other ones with about the same degree of importance.
Honestly, I just hope this new year is as wonderful as the last. I am so lucky to have a great family and to be married to Joey. I got to go home to Texas for my dad's 60th birthday, then have a great 30th birthday week with Joey a few weeks later. I have understanding employers and coworkers who encouraged me along the way of the application and interview process for residency, and I got to travel all over to different interviews and learn a lot about different residency programs... and be in Texas for Thanksgiving and spend it with my sister and parents, and Joey of course. Then I had a fantastic Christmas with my extended family in Connecticut last weekend. We all know how much I love spending time with my grandma.
In any event, I'm looking forward to the new year and everything it brings with it. Cheers everyone, and Happy New Year!

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