Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Not yet, Leon, tomorrow. Lord have mercy, its going to be like that cat won the lottery when Joey walks through that door.

Today was a great day. I always post and complain about my office and my anxiety, and not really when things are going well. Honestly, I think its easier for anger or anxiety to fuel my posts.
Today, all of my patients came early. All. of. them. That is really nice, especially when most of them haven't been to the dentist before and they're really trying to take care of themselves. As dentists we're always most focused on the procedure in front of us, but we're also thinking about the schedule the whole time. When patients come late it throws off the schedule, and I can only speak for me, but it makes me crazy. I am so proud of my patients today. Goooo patients in Dorchester! At the end of the day I had the sweetest little boy who was only 6, and he was such a champ for his x-rays and his cleaning. His poor mom  had to wait for about an hour and half while their state insurance was verified, (something that is done without much efficiency in our office,) and she didn't complain about the wait and was so happy and appreciative that we saw him and that he had a good experience. AND he didn't have any cavities and his mom was obviously really careful about his diet and hygiene. She felt good, I felt good... I mean, hi-five everybody... today is one of the days I feel so proud to do what I do.

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