Friday, January 21, 2011


Someone feels the same way I do about Natalie Portman.

Click here to listen to Film Week's review of Black Swan. Totally do it, even though you have to click something and listen to something. Its worth it.

Does anyone else in America feel like Black Swan was a let-down after the Wrestler? Ugh, and when Natalie Portman accepted the GG it was as if she was the only actor to whom Darren Aronofsky said "now do this one for yourself?" And like, it seems like they might have some kind of like, long-time professional relationship/almost friendship?! Noooooooooooo (echos.)

I wish I knew this Peter Rainer and like, even though he's kind of mean he would still like me, and we could make witty and scathing remarks about people over cocktails.

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