Monday, January 17, 2011

A long post about bed sheets

Yesterday I dropped Joey off at the airport, and then afterwards I did what any other woman does when her husband goes out of town and she has some free time to herself: initiated a McDonald's fueled bargain hunt for new home goods. Oh... is that not normal?
Anyway, I saw these sheets at TJMaxx in December, and they were really pretty, vintagey floral 300 thread count sheets... for only $39.99!  At the time I was doing a lot of Christmas shopping and I didn't think we really needed them. Flashforward to two days ago and Joey complaining about the "rough" pillowcase upon which he grazed his poor cheek when he "accidentally scooted over" to my side of the bed. We have this bedding from IKEA with these cute raised stripes, which Joey super hates. Thus, we don't really use them anymore and just sort of use similar looking other white sheets we have. We have white pillowcases, and somehow there aren't enough of one kind of exclude at least one of these IKEA ones... which goes on my side since it doesn't really bother me, unless it bothers Joey.  Our bedroom is kelly green, (which our landlords love and painstakingly selected,) and thusly we have white to offset the horridness of the wall color. And well, I like white things, because I am a glutton for punishment. Joey has been known to fall asleep reading his perio literature with pens in his hand, and then pen gets on everything. Poor Joey, one time he called me in a panic and said "you are going to KILL me," after it happened another time... he can't help that he has so much to read. 
ANYway! I dropped Joey off and I thought I'd just pick up these sheets, because, they are smooth and not white, and go with the green walls, and I like them. I went back to the TJMaxx near my office, and they weren't there anymore. Naturally, that was when I decided I really wanted them. I went home to sporadically dust my house and think things over, and I decided not to give up.  I'm not a quitter! So, I went to the TJMaxx in Brookline. They weren't there either, although they did have it in twin size, which only renewed my hope that somewhere, in some TJMaxx, my sheets were waiting for me. So then I went to the one in Framingham. They didn't have them either. Although I will say, that TJMaxx was significantly nicer than the other ones. To reward that TJMaxx for its niceness and me for my endeavor, I got a cute underbed storage thing. Fabulous! At this point I was saddened and downtrodden, and thought about trying a Ross. But then I couldn't. Then, just because I was all the way out there I went to WalMart. I don't know why. Sometimes they make me nostalgic for Texas, and here there aren't very many. But they are very terrible. I regretted it the second I walked in. It was dingy and depressing, and like, had three people in it. I bought a People magazine (new Travolta baby!) and left. After that the stores were closing up, so I went home, and fell asleep on the couch watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I woke up this morning and realized I may have I missed my critical bargain hunt window... and consoled myself with some self-beautification projects. I went to Nordstrom to use my giftcard from my parents to buy makeup. I was reallllly excited about this. (Its totally okay that you gave Joey 2x as many giftcards as me, Mom and Dad, by the way,) and yes I just made sure that I used my own giftcard.I looked up different kinds online and even made and APPOINTMENT to have the lady apply it to my face.  AND almost the best part, besides getting makeup which I love love love because I am vain, was that without even trying I spent $0.12 less than the max on the giftcard. I felt like a winner on the Price is Right! And honestly, I felt so beautiful with my new makeup. It felt great.

My thumb on the total is intentional... I don't want my mom and grandma to be gravely disappointed with how much I spent on makeup today... even though my mom knows since she bought the gift card for me, and she probably had to stifle a gasp but then realized I get this from her, and should make peace with it. Thanks for the makeup, Mom!

So I afterwards I went to yet another TJMaxx, sort of super out of the way and psycholike, just to see if they were there. At that point, I was buying sheets, any sheets. I resigned myself to liking another set... and then as I walked up to the checkout line, to what did my wondering eyes did appear, but some vintage inspired floral sheets from Ralph Lauren himself! And some lunch sized glass-lock containers for $12.99! Bo-nus! I felt so happy I even put back the other sheets where I got them, which seems optional there.

Alright, well, I should point out that before this weekend I think I'd been a TJMaxx three times in my life... and I should say that I learned a lot about TJMaxx's, like, just go to the one in Framingham after going to the Natick mall. 
Anyway, Leon loves them.

See what I mean about the walls? And can you see the threatening pen on the nightstand on the right?

Now I'm blogging and watching the Young and the Restless rerun on the soap opera channel, while eating moo shu pork.
All in all, its been a good weekend, but I can't wait for Joey to come home. Like really. Its lonely without him here...and I'm eating bad food. For some reason I don't do that when I'm with him. I'm definitely missing my better half, and I wish he'd been there to hear the songs I made up about sheet shopping.


  1. that made me laugh out loud at 10:32 at night. and this was the first blog i checked when i got home tonight. you make me laugh liz leddy. you are super funny. hope joey gets back asap. and loves those new sheets!

  2. Kristen you are so nice. I always check your blog too! I like the newest craft!

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