Tuesday, January 4, 2011

McFatty Monday - Tuesday Edition

We are workout machines! OK, not really. We actually had to step it down a notch from P90X to plain P90, but trust me, its still hard.

I thought they would be a LOT easier since its only 30 minutes, but as per usual, I underestimated Tony Horton.
Here's Joey doing what seems like an innocuous leg raise and arm raise move. It somehow gets really hard halfway through. Or maybe more like beginning way through.  Its blurry because I was taking the picture and kind of still doing the moves. Way to go Joe Joe!

Anyway, I have not seen immediate results, (sigh,) but maybe something will happen soon. I went all out and took all of the body measurements with the measuring body thing that came in the kit, and I recorded it on this postcard with the body on it that Tony sent me. Joey declined to do the same, which surprised me, but nonetheless, I won't question his committment to our workout challenge. I even took a before picture. God forbid that ever gets out.

In somewhat related news, I got my yellow anthropologie dress in the mail. I was so happy to get it, I beamed all the way up in the elevator. I was a little bit worried because I ordered a size up just in case they ran small, I figured I could always take it in. Wellllll, I took it out of the box and with one look I had a feeling there was no way that thing would go on my body. If that dress was really the size I ordered I'm in big trouble. It had a tag from anthropologie, but it was pretty sketchy. It looked like it had been added after the fact, and it was handwritten with the bottom part of the tag with the original information cut off, like, ghetto style at an angle. Then the size was handwritten on it with pen. I couldn't get it on, let alone zip it up.I think it might be two sizes down, at least. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.Sad. Maybe this will finally make me learn my lesson about internet shopping, but probably not. Oh well, it was an appropriate end to one of my more frustrating Mondays I've had in awhile.
 The silver lining is that I contacted the ebay seller, and she was so nice about it and agreed to take it back and refund my money... so thats good. I wanted to wear it for my birthday (reminder, this Thursday,) but I'll settle for painting my nails a bold "Eiffel for this color" and wearing that to work, in conjunction with appropriate work clothes, obvi.
Alright then, happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. i am also the proud owner of "eiffel for this color." well played, dr. laborde.

  2. So possibly a good idea, that my personal trainer gave me is that how your clothes fit is a better indicator of fitness. Better than measurements or weight loss-keeping a pair of pants/skirt or dress that's a wee bit small but the size you want to be is almost a better incentive. Maybe an excuse for another shopping trip!