Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow days

Well, as you know we've had a bit of wintry weather up here in Boston.... which is normal, since its winter in Boston. The unusual thing is that we've had two snow days in the past few weeks due to some big blizzards. Snow days mean different things to different people. I thought just for fun, I'd compare what snow days mean for me, and what they mean to my little cat, Leon.

                                                                  Snow day for me:

The T lets us all off because traffic is too bad, walking home in the snow.

Snow day for Leon:

 Sunny nap.

Snow day for me:
Gridlocked traffic, people in Boston forget they're from Boston and that they do, in fact know how to drive in the snow.

Snow day for Leon:

windowseat is ever so slightly too cold for sleeping.

Snow day for me:

Grocery store line begins at the back of the frozen foods section.

Snow day for Leon:

Sleeping directly on the heater is better.

And ultimately snow day for me:

Admittedly, in the end, isn't that different.
But I did have to use the warmer blue blanket instead of my leopard snuggie that you can see tossed off to the side.

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