Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bits of our Sunday

This morning started off kind of slow...
This is a cat with a "CAUTION" label on his chart at the vet.

I was feeling under the weather and in an even worse mood, but I didn't want to waste the day, especially since I hadn't seen Joey all week. There's nothing like the fear of regret to propel me forward, so we headed out to Lexington, Massachusetts to check out this farm where you can buy groceries. 

It was more grocery store than farm, but it was an alright field trip. I do appreciate a nice cheese corner.

Then we ambled out to Natick where...

Joey's dream of having a Nespresso machine has finally come to fruition! Hallelujah, and thanks Aunt Nancy!

After a little trip to B to the 3 to pick up some keurig cups for my office coffee habit, we went over to the AMC to see True Grit.

I love the movies.

Then Joey had to make a mad dash inside because it was freeeezing.

There's nothing like a Coen brothers film (and a diet coke) to cheer me up. Their dark tales bring peace to my heart. Oh, except poor Little Blackie. Sigh.

And thusly we were inspired to make steak and eggs for dinner, which we imagine Ruben and Maddie would've enjoyed.

Match day is one week from tomorrow. Each day I get more and more excited about the prospect of specializing in an area that I love so much. AND, if we move back to Texas, Joey is going to get a truck, and I'm going to put my (Haifa's) daughters in pageants! Yeehaw!

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