Sunday, April 11, 2010

My new computah

I love her.

It's whitish silverish and I can open multiple webpages at the same time. The screen is also big enough to where I can see a whole website at once.  Amazing. The best part is when I type, the letters show up as I type them, not like on my netbook where there was an occasional 3 second delay where I had to wait to see what I'd written. I might even get a hot pink or some other kind of neon keyboard overlay thing for it for no other reason that it will make me feel very cool.

Joey searched fervently to ensure that this computer that I wanted because of these above criteria was also matched by like, having appropriate GB and RAM, whatever... I don't care.  Its the bomb and I look forward to lots of blogging together.

We went to the Sony store last night and got it... I'm so happy.

Last year when I was a resident we had no money, and we could only afford to buy one real computer. This became Joey's computer pretty fast, since he needed it for his residency/pictures of his surgeries/articles about periodontia. It was less of a priority that I knew what was going on with Perez Hilton. Eventually I saved money to buy a netbook by Asus, but its really not meant to be a real computer. It served me well though, and for that little Asus, I salute you.

Now that I'm a real dentist I can have my own real computer, and it feels good.  Maybe I'll complain less about my crazy patients. We'll see.

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