Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today's blessing: lunch

My coworker and fellow dentist, Becky, and I stumbled upon the Sugar Bowl in Dorchester around the corner from where we work yesterday. This happy happenstance occurred indirectly and as a result of a quest originally driven by a want of tacos.
The aforementioned tacos were procured in a place across the street from the Sugar Bowl, but naturally I insisted I needed cookies, we went in this little joint and checked her out. Let me tell you, it was delightful.
They have sandwiches and ice cream and milkshakes, cookies and brownies and lots of kinds of muffins. I love it a lot, and I'm so glad we've found a little lunch place to get away from the office. Lately our office has suffered some trials. We've have a recent bout of equipment failures and a wee bit of grouchiness here and there. Today we went back to the Sugar Bowl for lunch and it was like an oasis in the desert. We had very delicious sandwiches and chips, and a coffee and cookie to go.
Oh how dramatic I am. Work is fine and I'll get over it... but nonetheless, I love this sweet little gem. That's why you're today's blessing in my life, Sugar Bowl.

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