Monday, December 20, 2010

McFatty Monday

Its about time I got on this bandwagon.

Since I've been interviewing the past couple of months I've been eating a lot of dinners with the residents the night before the interviews, and well, not only that, but eating airport food, all kinds of comfort food, and multiple McDonald's meals. Now it seems that all of my clothes have shrunk at the same time, even clothes at the mall that I haven't purchased yet.

Joey has been really good, and doing something every night in the realm of exercise... I always have a good excuse about why I can't join him, usually related to cleaning the house/moving piles of clutter from the coffee table to the dining room table.

I really have gained a lot of weight, and I guess my worry is that the older I get the less likely I am to lose it. Those are just the biological facts. And it is really nice of you, those friends and family, who insist I look fine. I really don't, and I can't button once loose blazers and cardigans, let alone pants.I don't really weigh myself, but I am up one pants/dress size, and can't button a particular blouse, so that will be my frame of reference.

I've been slowly eating better and eating less. Tonight I'm making vegetarian paella, and now I'm accountable to work out at least a little bit. Joey and I are both happier when we eat healthier and exercise, and we get better sleep. Now I just have to DO it. Ugh, the do-ing is so bo-ring.

All of that being said, and to change the subject... I just put my rank order list in the match. I can still change it, but it feels really good! I remember stuffing all of those envelopes and writing my essay, and hoping that programs would offer me interviews. I'm looking forward to match day at the end of January... and getting to that point minus a few extra lbs!

Have a great Monday everyone.

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  1. thats so exciting!! (the ranking part, not the exercise part-even though that is really great of you guys to be doing what seems impossible to me right now...) i hope you get your first choice!!