Tuesday, December 21, 2010


if I were a nicer person, I would:

* Tell the dental assisting student (who is assisting another dentist) to put the amalgam carpule (filling material carpule) in the holder thing within the amalgamator, (kind of like a paint mixer that mixes up your filling,) but I kind of like the excitement.

* Not complain about how much this Christmas party at my office is costing me. Its just that we don't have lots of money right now. Its just well... $25 for gift cards was a great idea, but now its also $20 for food, plus a $5-$10 yankee swap gift, plus bringing a dessert? And most of the assistants don't even show up to work on time. And how do they have money for this? they're (supposedly) more poor than I am.

* Refrain from inserting a (supposedly) in the above statement.

* Made my husband try to pick me up in the worst traffic fiasco Huntington Ave has ever seen.

Well, that's it for today. I guess otherwise I'm an alright level kind of nice. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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