Sunday, December 12, 2010

Almost Done

I've been super MIA from the blog lately because I've been travelling a lot. I haven't even been at work in one of my offices since November 16th... hopefully they'll let me back in the building next week when I'm done interviewing.
The whole experience has been exciting, but tiring. At first it was exhausting because I would get SO nervous before each interview, so after the interview I would be completely worn out from getting myself so worked up beforehand, getting up crazy early, and reviewing everything I could about the program. Now its not so much that, but now I'm tired because I'm tired of travelling and ready to be back to my routine. I'm glad to be almost done, and SO glad that I had this many interviews. I know I was just complaining, but this tired feeling is a good one. I feel proud that I had a good number of interviews, and no matter what happens, I know that I did the best job I could... well, so far at least. One program left to go...
During my travels I had lots of time to sit and think, mostly while sitting in the airport at my gate, as I enjoy getting there extremely early. I've come up with a few observations that I hope the airport people will consider in order to make travelling even more enjoyable:

1. A bar and a bathroom near the gate area is a blessing
2. Bathroom doors should always open outward
3. It is unnecessary to remind boarding passengers how full the flight is, it just makes us even more crazy, shoving people down to get on the plane to assure a spot for our overhead carry-on. Ususally it isn't even that bad.
4. You can go ahead and graciously offer that older folks board ahead of you, (they rarely have large carry-ons.)
5. Ordering wine on the plane is generally a good idea, and I love when I'm reminded that its an option.

Well, that's all for now. I realize that most of this relates to alcohol and bathrooms, but well, aren't those the most pertinent aspects of travelling?

I'll be back on Wednesday, by the grace of God. Hopefully it stops pouring here so that I can get to KC. Cheers to Wednesday!

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