Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red Sox and Television

So as my self-doubt and self-pity over the application process continue to duke it out in the background, lets talk about something fun.

Like Red Sox games! Holla!
Joey and I went to a game about a month ago, and it was awesome.

Don't mind that I look like a boy here, I was trying to have carefree side french braids that met in the back and for some reason wore insufficient eyeliner, but that's alright.

Joey had never been to a game, and I hadn't been since college, which doesn't count because back then I just sacrilegiously waited for it to be over.

Maybe because I didn't have Joey to go with. Here he is with a Fenway Frank. Delicious!

Then it was time to sing Sweet Caroline, and Big Papi hit a homerun, and all was right in Boston. This is why I love living here.

In other news - why does Bravo torture me with these terrible women on these Real Housewives shows? I used to really like them, but now they're so terrible that I can't take it. That personality type - the entitled delusional confrontational type - is not good entertainment for me. I just get angry and want her to get a job and a grip. This is on my mind as the new DC one is on my TV at the moment, when I anticipated seeing the Bethenny Getting Married? episode from last week. That show is OK. Mercifully, Property Virgins is on at the same time. I love Sandra Rinomato!

Alright, what else - I spent a couple of days at UConn this week visiting their pediatric residency. The residents were so awesome and kindly tolerated my awkward hovering in their clinic. I was so impressed with the people in that program - their residents were really top notch and their attendings were so kind and knowledgeable.  One of the attendings thought my last name was LaPorta, and then I compulsively told her how much I love Designed to Sell. Fortunately, she does too... so it just got better and better. Plus I got to stay at a cute inn and I felt like I was on Gilmore Girls! 

Last but not least I got to see my parents and my grandma in Bridgeport last night! It made my heart feel good to have dinner with my family. Now I'm back and ready for one more day of work before the weekend. What a great week.

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you about the housewives. This DC edition has got to be the worst one. EVER. They aren't even amusing anymore - remember the OC ladies during their first few seasons? Now that was amusing. These women are just pathetic, rude snots who haven't a leg of decency or class to stand on.