Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello lovelies

(I just want to warn you, this post might be incredibly boring if you don't love cardigans.)

Here they are holding hands.

This past weekend while Joey was out of town I felt I should take the opportunity to spend the day doing something Joey would never want to do.  I had to decide between either going to the Wrentham Outlets south of Boston where there is a JCrew outlet store, or go to the Burlington Mall north of the city that allegedly has a Chick-fil-a in it to get chicken nuggets.

After much deliberation, obviously I decided to get cardigans. I went this route mostly because I like shopping by myself, however, I do enjoy company while eating Chick-fil-a... it might be a little sad eating them alone in a mall food court. Not that it would stop me. But, when weighing the pros and cons of each possibility I thought I'd wait for Chick-fil-a and do that when Joey came back. Little does he know he has that to look forward to.

I happened upon the two above cardigans at the JCrew outlet, they were 25% off. It was such a blessed afternoon. I've already worn the green and blue one to work last Monday. I'm wearing the pink one, (YES its tie-dyed) on dress-down Friday.

I love them so much. There's nothing like a good cardigan to make my day.  I hope you have a blessed day too.

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