Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I could

I would go home this weekend and see my mom and dad. I would go shopping with my mom at Movida in Mockingbird Station, I would have lunch at Bangkok City with Joey and then later get margaritas at Uncle Julio's.
Then I would go over to my friend Haifa's house and sit with her on her back patio by her pool and catch up, and play with Mina. Then Toni would come over and bring little Kate-ybug and it would be super fun. Maybe we could eat Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and drink lemonade while doing this.
Haifa and Toni and I would sit during lunch for the first two years of dental school and talk about everything. Our families, husbands/boyfriends, surviving school, and surviving annoying classmates. Joey ate with us too. He always asked if we were "eating with the girls today." It was the best therapy. This of course, was when I wasn't crying during lunchtime as silently as possible in the bathroom after a pre-clinical operative instruction from Dr. Mash. Its OK though Dr. Mash, I don't hold it against you, (though I doubt you care,) I was not very good at cutting the plastic teeth initially, and I deserved it. One time Haifa came looking for me and found me in there mid-cry session, and commended me on my ability to do with so little noise. That's what good friends do.
I miss you mucho Haify and Tones, my pals. I miss telling you everything and you guys still being my friend despite the fact that I'm a little (or a lot) bit crazy. Joey misses you too. I wish we could have lunch together today. I hope that you're having a good week.


  1. imp that people know the trials and travails on the way to eventual success. serves as inspiration to those temporarily side tracked. Have photos of diz and laner in classroom ... and anecdotes that go with how each overcame obstacles on the way to their present state of satisfaction with life.
    love from the dad

  2. Aww that is so sweet! Makes me wish I had sat with you guys during lunch in dental school. I, too, had my share of silent tear shedding moments in the bathroom. So glad those days are over. And by that I mean that now I can cry comfortably in private bathrooms rather than public ones haha!

  3. Blanca you totally should have sat with us! And you were a silent cry-er too? You must be gooood, I never heard you! And yes, so glad those crying bathroom days are over, but I miss seeing everyone everyday.