Monday, March 22, 2010

Good day sunshine

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I'm in love and its a sunny day
-The Beatles

My Joseph and I went on a little "stay"-cation to Marblehead this weekend. Its only 18 miles north of the city, but it felt like we were a world away.

We stayed at the Harbor Light Inn, which was formerly two federalist mansions that are now connected to make a charming inn/bed and breakfast hybrid.

The inn is in historic Marblehead, a beautiful town with pastel colored houses that have plaques on them describing for whom they were originally built. A lot of Captain John so-and-so's had some great digs down by the water.

Naturally, there was sailboat decor a'plenty, which fits in perfectly with Joey's love of all things nautical. On the way to the water we happened upon this here shop with sailor supplies.

Inside they were playing the aforementioned Beatles tune, which I found wholeheartedly appropriate.

Then we headed toward Fort Sewall, which I didn't even realize was named after an actual person, I just thought it was because it was a wall by the sea. How fortunate to have such a fitting title.

Here's my best husband by the fort.

Here I am shortly before trying to follow Joey out onto the rocks in my flip flops. Of course I got stuck, awkwardly perched some cliff like hill, worried that if I moved one foot I'd fall, and well, it was in front of some older folks that you can see behind me.  Luckily Joey came back for me, and even laughed at my joke that I was "stuck between a rock and a hard place." A good husband should always laugh at his wife's jokes.

Here I am pretending to look out earnestly to the sea.

And my Joey with the fort in the background.

Well, enough of that. Soon enough it was time for happy hour. We found this bar, full of super friendly Marblehead folks. And I mean, of course, they're friendly, they live in this beautiful town, on this beautiful day.

Then we had some margaritas, which I haven't had in forever. Hit the spot, and was a sweet reminder of home.

Then we ventured over for dinner at the Landing, which was on the water. For lots of reasons, this is a weird picture of me, and the only one, because I was blocking this poor friendly man's car as we took it and I felt self conscious. 
At dinner we declared that we should feast upon lobster, and thus, we did. And it was fun and fabulous.

The next day we spent some time hanging around the inn.
Here is Joey reading one of the many books about Russia that were in our room. He's so worldly.

Here's the beautiful hallway that connects the two mansions.

Oh wait, what is that doorway there on the right?
Is that a little bar? Oh well hello bartender Joe!
I'll have a Sam Adams, please.

I was able to enjoy some of the terrific literature regarding a museum in France.

And keep up with current events.

And I even was able to play a bit of chess. Checkmate!

We spent the morning out on the town, and ventured over to Crocker Park. T'was a bit chillier, so fortunately we had this extra giant Patagonia of Joey's in our trunk.

We took in a little regatta. I would have cheered on a particular boat, but I couldn't tell them apart.
Gooo sailing!
Here we are, having fun.

Then it was time to head back to reality. We stopped in Swampscott for a lobster roll. Oh, what is that you see in the background?
Its our lil' city, Boston. The drive back was nice, and well, not very long. We hit up the grocery store and had time to straighten out the house a little bit. I'd recommend a stay-cation anytime.

What a great weekend, good day, sunshine.


  1. Lovely! And I particularly admire your expert hiding of the "trashy celeb magazine"... Also, great green maxi dress. Where from?

  2. Thanks! its from Movida in Dallas, my favorite store at home.