Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

Sundays are my favorite days. We sleep late, eat brunch (at home usually,) lounge around and recharge. Joey works on Saturdays so it makes the Sunday off much more appreciated. Since it was so beautiful today, we managed to get out of the house and out for a Sunday drive. I loooove a Sunday drive. We dropped off our dry cleaning at the only open dry cleaners (and thus the most expensive, I'm now afraid to pick it up, but hey - its out of the trunk finally,) got some frappacinos (YES!) and drove out to Wellesley so we could check out my old college and ogle the beautiful homes in the 'hood over there.
We even went to an open house...bonus!

Here I am in front of the old learnin' buildings.

and heading down to the lake, on the same steps from whence the processional processes for graduation,

see, I have school spirit (because that's a "W", not exasperation)

The lake was pretty icy down by the TZE house. Joey tried to make me go in and say hi to the girls, the new generation of Tizzies, but well, I was afraid of the Wellesley girls. Not much has changed since the good old days.

My Joseph at Tupelo Point. I would have taken a picture of the actual point but there was a child playing there and I didn't want to seem like a weirdo taking pictures of unknown children.

I always think I'll get so much done on the weekend, namely "Saturday." I say I'll do whatever it is I don't want to do at the time, on Saturday... then inevitably I won't do it, because well, I'm obviously avoiding it. That's what I do. But I don't worry about it on Sundays.

Annnnd we just booked our honeymoon. Hallelujah, this has been a good Sunday.


  1. Oh my god! This is adorable, you really do love that place. I must admit that I made a brunch rez at Blue Ginger for Nick's 30th a few weeks ago... with the intention of touring Wellesley for a bit, but we overslept... ;(

  2. so glad to read about your blissful sunday--who doesn't love a good sunday drive? i had my first sunday drive over here with one of my expat friends who OWNS a car--it was pretty surreal and amazing driving (well, riding in the passenger seat) through the park when i usually just get that kind of view from the back of a cab, the bus,'s a beautiful thing.

    loving your blog, lizzy!

  3. Glad you guys booked your honeymoon! ENJOY YOURSELVES! xoxo