Monday, March 28, 2011

Orange with Envy

Last night I was watching the Real Housewives of Orange County... well, on mute, but its not like it makes a big difference. And Vicki and Tamra went on some kind of friend rehab trip to Cabo San Lucas, and Vicki made some kind of remark about how after their dinner of very small salads, they should go down to the beach for a refriending ceremony. Lord have mercy, didn't she learn anything with her remarriage ceremony to Don? Re-doing ceremonies are foreboding. Anyway, I didn't catch much else because this show starts at 10pm and hello, I'm on borrowed time after 9:15.
ANYway... I was thinking I want to go on vacation to Cabo San Lucas. I want to go in the blue water and get tan and drink drinky drinks on the beach... except on beach chairs because I don't like laying on the ground. So I expressed this to my husband, and he was all, ELIZABETH, dentists aren't ever able to retire because they spend all of their money on vacations. And then I got sad. But like... yeah, fine, whatevs. So what if I'm jealous of the RHOC even though I would never never never never trade lives with them? I just want some sun, like this here cat:

He is a being after my own heart.  In other news, anyone want to buy a blue ikea dresser that I spruced up with some white handles? Will throw in free cat.

Oh well, don't mind me. Its freezing here and I'm going crazy.  I'm even less nice than I normally am. And blah blah other people have real problems. Although Joey had a huge presentation today and now its just one more thing done as we MARCH on to (his) graduation. Goooo Joey! So I'm happy about that. I'm so proud of my Joey, he is such a good clinician and so nice to people. Good thing I married him while I still had my looks.

Alrighty then, I hope everyone else is getting through their Monday's OK. Over and out.

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