Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Jeans, Please be awesome.

I just ordered these jeans online from Old Navy.

I have wanted these kind of jeans for awhile, and I have delusions of looking like Rachel Zoe when she wears hers.

I have a few concerns:
1. They don't look that flattering on the model.
2. Rachel Zoe only eats venti black starbucks coffee.
3. The reviews were all written by moms of teenagers.

None of these concerns were concerning enough when I saw that they were only $11.97!  I hope they're cool, I want them to work out. I'll let you know how it goes.  I was lured to this site by Kendi Everyday, who linked to a similar shirt like this one, which I also got:

I know, I know... but its YELLOW GINGHAM! And HELLO, KENDI HAS IT! And I need an all-American made-in-China kind of top. Plus, my aunt and uncle got me gift cards for Christmas which covered the whole thing.... so I can totally still complain about paying my taxes and not feel guilty about spending money on clothes. Win win win!

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