Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And they are blessed, plus other musings.

I love my new jeans from Old Navy. Joey doesn't love them as much... but whatevs.
oh, don't mind the clutter all around every smooth surface. and it wasn't an accident that I didn't include my make-up less face.

I've been thinking about spring b/c its supposedly around the corner, and thusly have begun a new diet and exercise regime. So, I thought to myself, "self, you have to stop eating so many cheetos." since I only know how to operate in extremes, I didn't eat carbs for 2 weeks. (Well, I ate some on Saturdays.) During week 1 I would have shaved my head for a pizza, but I lost 5 lbs so I felt like it might be worth it. Then a little bit into week 2 was reading the lil bee's post about her brunch and I almost started crying... and I thought to myself, "self, this isn't natural," so I started trying introduce healthy carbs back in... and at first I was eating like a totally normal person. Then last night I was stress eating myself to sleep with Cheetos. I love that delcious treat. And I did brush my teeth afterwards. I feel like that's important to point out. I haven't weighed myself recently because honestly, I don't want to know.

I'm trying pretty hard to eat healthy, and its been about 3 weeks of that now... no McDonalds (I miss you Big Macs!) and the like... but I don't know if I see a big difference. Also, I've started working out at this gym... which is more like a dance studio/yoga like place where all of the workouts involve mats and on occasion these little weighted balls. I think its sort of a good workout, but only one of the classes I went to was pretty difficult and I left feeling like I'd accomplished something. The rest of the time I feel like I'm in there with girls supplementing their eating disorders with mild exercise.  Everyone is pretty and wears make-up, and lululemmon like, whole outfits, and their hair DOWN. Its a little crazy. I was the girl with the dorky ponytail and her Baylor t-shirt wearing pants that kept showing the top part of my bottom, plumber style. Whoops. I bought a pack of classes after the first class I went to, which was the hard/best one, so I'm going to keep going for a bit.

I'm relatively thin, don't get me wrong... but I want to be in better shape, have my clothes fit better... you know, all the usual stuff we say when we don't say what we really want, which is to look so thin that people worry if I'm eating. I think its unlikely I'll ever find myself in that situation. Especially since I'm about to sneak out of my office for a donut.

Maybe its time to start doing P90X in my living room again. I do miss Tony. For now I guess I'll just use up my credits at the girly gym place and see if anything magical happens.

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