Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're going to the Big D and I do mean Dallas!

I found out yesterday that I matched at Baylor!

I was really happy... and its funny, because I thought my first emotion would be elation, but it was more like extreme relief. I got this email and I almost started crying. I was at work, so I didn't, because that would be weird. But I did put my hand over my mouth and I teared up a bit.
Baylor was my first choice, and I'll have the chance to work with amazing faculty and coresidents. Its such an amazing progam, and I can't believe I matched there.

I have waited so long for this day to be here! One of my friends, Julie, probably felt the same way, since I always pestered her with questions, even before PASS (the application system,) opened in May. She went to Baylor with me and then went to Houston for pediatric residency... and she's just one of those get-er done kind of people. Really efficient, great dentist, awesome friend.

She answered question after question, talked to me on the phone and via tons of texts. Julie, you are the bomb friend. Thank you for all that you did to help me though this, it means more than you know.

There is no picture of Julie and me without Ali in it, its amazing. I cropped the one on the right because I mean, I love Ali, but this is about Julie. Then I noticed she's in the one on the left. Hi Ali!

Also, my classmate Jon helped me a LOT with my Baylor interview, and it really put me at ease. Thanks so much Jon... I'm proud to be your coresident next year.

And I mean obviously, I wouldn't be here without Joe Joe, the best person I know.

Now I'm getting very sentimental and I want to thank EVERYONE because I mean, honestly, everyone around me is so supportive and wonderful. My coworkers who picked up the slack while I was interviewing, and were still like, nice to me about it, and my parents and Grandma who prayed for me.