Thursday, February 3, 2011

On my mind this Thursday morning

* I love my new iPhone
* I'm glad I got to work before it started snowing more
* I don't mind the snowfall itself, its more so the mounds of plowed snow that make it difficult to walk  and make our streets even more narrow
* I want to switch my blog over to wordpress, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep this blog when we move so I'm not sure its worth it
* Please baby jesus let this crown seat this afternoon
* I don't know how I can be so needy for a day off when its been a great week, and I only had a half-day yesterday
* Its probably just the excitement of this week was a little draining, but in the best kind of way
* Well, I have jury duty next week, maybe that will be like a day off
* Some of my new coresidents are now my friends on facebook, which makes me very excited!
* Hopefully they don't think I'm a giant dork because of my facebook
* Or maybe it would be worse if they were offended by my many status updates
* Well, hmmm
* I miss Joey, I wonder what he's doing right now
* Jo is my assistant today, and she's one of my most favorites, yay
* Which pandora station should be listen to today?
* Please baby jesus, again, hear me about that crown seating
* I can't wait to be a pediatric dentist
* But moreso I can't wait to start at Baylor, I can't believe I got into a program like that
* I wonder if we'll get a new DVD player today
* How come all of our DVD players break? We've been through about 3 of them in as many years
* But I GOTS to do my P90, I miss Tony Horton
*How come people want to say things like: "oh, well, its 79 degrees here and sunny." Do you think that makes me like you? or jealous? Yeah I want it to be warmer, but I don't want to live in Florida.
* Hip hip hooray for Thursday, my favorite day of the week

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