Monday, February 28, 2011

So long Februweary

This was the view outside my window yesterday as more snow fell. Back to square one in the snow department. Oh well, at least it was Sunday and we got to spend the day indoors.

I for one, and am so glad this month is over. If I can make it to 5 o'clock without too much drama I'll consider it a success. That means I want this crown to seat on one patient, and for another patient that I just finished a procedure for to actually get up and leave the office because he's annoying the crap out of me, and for the office manager to say its OK that I go to Arizona later this month... even though I don't know if we can afford the trip, let alone the time off work.
Alright, well, sorry for the outburst. I don't even know why exactly we'd be going to Arizona. Some conference that Joey gets to go to because he's the "lead resident of his director's choosing." Go Joey!
And so long Februweary... wish I could say its been swell. Here's to March! As in March along to graduation because we're almost there.

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