Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello everybody! Have you ever worn too tight pants with no stretch to work and 15 minutes into your day you realize you've made a horrible outfit mistake but there's nothing you can do about it? Oh well, maybe it's just me. For some reason I decided to wear my punishment pants to work today... poor choice. I have limited range of motion of my legs. Why do I even have these pants?
Anyway, enough about that. On occasion people will ask me about how I know which blogs to read and why I like them, and well, I don't really know. My friend Brianna introduced me to Google Reader, which is awesome, and some girls I know have great blogs that I love reading. Then from some of my favorite blogs I started reading the blogs on their blog lists - and so now I have a little collection. So I thought today  I'd share some of them and why I like to read them, in case you too would like to broaden your blogging horizons:

Big Mama - Melanie is from Texas, and super funny and a great writer. Reading her blog always makes me laugh out loud.
Chaotic Momentum - which used to be/still is? Polished Productions. This woman is hi-larious.
Cute Overload - Pictures of adorable animals. I love it, and sometimes you need something light in your day.
Depressions and Confessions - beause Alexis is very hilarious and real. She's also incredibly brave about discussing some of the tough things she's been through, and her vlogs slay me.
Fly Through Our Window - Darby has great decorating and recipe ideas, and takes amazing pictures of her beautiful family.
Hormonal Imbalances - I don't know why I feel like I can relate to Diana, because on our blogs we don't have much in common, but I can. I love her blog.
Life Thru a Linds - I went to high school with Lindsay and its fun to keep up with her life through her blog. She has a beautiful little girl and they have all sorts of fun endeavors. And I hope if I move back to Texas she'll help me learn to sew.
Lil Bee - Reading Melissa's blog makes me feel cool. She's also funny and down-to-earth.
Lullaby Lubbock - I went to high school with Kristen and Allison, and their creativity inspires me. They're  amazing, and fun and nice. They have great party and craft ideas, and the most adorable children.
NieNie Dialogues - Stephanie is stylish and amazing, a survivor in more ways than one.
Raising Madison - And I also went to high school with Joanna! She's such a wonderful writer, and also super real and brave on her blog. She has the most precious and super photogenic daughter Madison. This blog is always a good read.
Wife in Progress - this is written by our dear friend Jamie... who is so funny and nice. She just married one of Joey's best friends, Jeff, and they moved to Pittsburgh. I love seeing what they're up to.

There are lots of others - and my friend Brianna has a great blog but for some reason I can't remember the URL this morning. I think my too tight pants are causing cognitive impairment. I'll post it when it comes back to me.
Have a great Friday everyone!

UPDATE! Click here to go to Brianna's blog. You won't be sorry!

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  1. i am psyched to included on such a great list! (and a little self-conscious of the fact that everyone else posts really upbeat, positive things while i'm being judgmental...)

    thanks for the shout-out ms. sunshine, xoxo