Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well really just one weddin'. Last night Joe and I headed out to Sharon to see our friends Helen and Chris get married. We don't have any pictures because we didn't bring our camera... because well, its a long and drawn out tale that I'll just go ahead and recount right now...
The wedding was black tie, so the nicest dress I have is the one from my (wedding's) rehearsal dinner that I last wore to another wedding over a year ago and haven't tried on since. Well, not until right before the wedding. Then we had 5 minutes to get out the door and alllls I had to do was "slip it on," which eventually translated into me alternating trying to breathe out all of my breath vs suck in as Joey wrangled the zipper up. It involved Joey desperately saying "there's no way," and me yelling back "THERE IS NO PLAN B!" because I didn't have another dress that was nice enough. Well, until we were in the garage running to our car and I remembered I had another dress that would have worked in a bigger size but oh crap they're working on our apartment which means I had to empty my closet on this wire portable closet thing and the whole thing is a mess and I can't see all of my clothes. ANYway, I was stuffed in this thing like a sausage, and I lasted until after the (very beautiful) ceremony and I had to unhook the hook thing and unzip just a little bit. Don't worry, I had a handy black tie cardigan that covered up this back part, so I thought I was in the clear. Then Helen and Chris came out into the reception and then we all grabbed hands and ran around in circles. I think this is a Jewish tradition. It was amazingly fun, but I think I was the only one praying to Jesus in that room, specifically regarding my wish for my dress to stay up and avoid and R rated show for Helen's elder relatives who were on either side of me. Luckily it stayed up. Whew.
So anyway, I forgot my camera. But trust me, it was really beautiful. Helen looked gorgeous and Chris looked so handsome and happy. Welcome to the club guys! You'll love it!

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