Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe Joe!

Today is my best husband's 30th BIRTHDAY!

Joey is the most wonderful man, and I am lucky to have him, so today I thought I'd post the 30 top things I love about Joey and post it all public-like on my blog.
So to break it down, I love Joey because:

1. He is extremely kind to everyone.
2.  He likes obscure and cool music so not only do I get to listen to it, but I also get to act like I know all about it if ever the subject ever comes up with hipsters or other indie-style folk.
3. He is always down for a trip to Nordstroms.
4. I have done the most humiliating things in front of him and not only does he still love me, he insists that whatever I did "isn't that bad," and tells me something he did that he thinks is worse.
5. And on that note, he's the kind of husband that runs out to get his wife a Wendy's cheeseburger to cure the ills caused by too many Red Bull vodka cocktails.
6. He always, always, eats the dinner I make, even if it is god awful and I don't eat it myself.
6. Hello - he is goood-lookin'.
7. In dental school he would always help me out by assisting or cleaning up my operatory if he didn't have a patient, even though he had lots of lab work to do.
8. He loves to have a good time, and as of late, likes to go dancing at Middlesex.
9. He cleans the kitchen so that it is sparkling pretty much every night.
10. On the somewhat infrequent occasion I clean anything in our house, when he comes home he exclaims: "it smells clean in here!"
11. Its really fun to hang out with Joey AND my friends, I don't have to worry about him getting along with anyone, because well, he's the most easy person to get along with.
12. He always gives people another chance.
13. We both feel the same way about the importance of good hair and its maintenance.
14. He does everything the right way, and is really detail oriented.
15. His love of outdoor wear and gear.
16. He plans amazing trips for us, like when we went to Belize.
17. He loves movies, and much like his taste in music, I glean from it what I can and brandish it around like I know what I'm talking about.
18. He sings the songs I make up about our cat.
19. He says over and over again that he's willing to move anywhere I get into pediatric residency... even to Minnesota, and he means it. (Hey Minnesota if you're reading this - I can't wait to visit, go Vikings!)
19. He is a hard worker and has done really well in his residency.
20. And in the same vein, his patients love him and trust him because its obvious that he really cares about their care, and not just trying to maximize his experience as a resident. Unless a patient really and truly needs a procedure, no matter how cool it is, he will not do it unless he thinks it will have a good long-term prognosis. This might sound like a given, but a lot of residents in training aren't like this.
21. I love the way he dances, and he's always down to make up a dance routine and break it down on the dance floor.
22. He makes a big deal out of any present that you give him.
23. He will always make me a skinny girl margarita.
24. He puts up with a lot of terrible television watching.
25. He doesn't play video games on a regular basis.
26. He has accomplished so much in his life and is one of the most humble people I know.
27. And he is totally brilliant. It amazes me, and it would be really intimidating but because he's so nice and humble it somehow isn't.
28. He doesn't give me a hard time when I get really into working out and then just fall off the bandwagon. He just quietly jumps off too.
29. That being said, he likes to be really healthy and eat good food.
30. He is the most generous and loving husband, and he always makes me feel like he appreciates me and he's proud of me. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in my life. 

I love you Joey, and I hope you have a great day. 


  1. he really is a wonderful dancer and super nice to all your friends (even when we're being obnoxious...)

    happy birthday joey!

  2. that was SO SWEET!! Joey- i dont even know you but you sound like the best husband ever. love that. yall are SO CUTE. i love it. ok, clearly i loved it, but i just cant stop saying that. so so sweet.

  3. it sounds like jeff said that, but it was really me. but, i am sure after reading this post, that jeff would love joey too.

  4. Best brother-in-law EVER. So glad you were born today, Happy Birthday Joey!