Thursday, February 25, 2010

My heezy

My apartment is such a mess, I worry that if for some reason the apartment maintenance people come through, they'll think we've been robbed, or just that we're totally disgusting.
I want to say that I don't know how it got like this, but I know exactly how it got like this. We were out of town last weekend and we didn't do the laundry, so that has piled up. Also, we didn't go to the grocery store for the same reason, and so we haven't had normal meals at normal times, throwing our whole routine off. Well, I did actually go to the grocery store, but it wasn't until Tuesday, after work, whilst starving. You can imagine how that went. Usually we have dinner and then afterwards at least sort of straighten up the kitchen. Well, many meals of chips, salsa, chocolate eclairs and girl scout cookies later, we have dishes strewn all over the counter and sink, and a dishwasher full of clean dishes we've just been plucking out to use at will. In just four days our schedule that we painstakingly tried to stick to, as we are prone to the aforementioned diet and habits, has come completely undone and now we're living like kids whose parents have gone out of town and left them unattended. This is sad. We are professionals. Healthcare professionals nonetheless!
Each morning, full of energy in the light of a new day, fueled by too much coffee and my baseline generalized anxiety I think - "I can't wait to clean this up! Then it will look beautiful and we can relax in a clean house."
Then I return from work tired and on the hunt for chocolate eclairs and the cycle continues.  Mark my words, this weekend I will clean this heezy like its never been cleaned, and then finally we can relax in a clean house.  Don't worry apartment, I will not forsake you.

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